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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > 2009 Limited Edition 3 Sets of 30 - Sold Out


This series is now SOLD OUT. 

Three different puzzles.  Only 30 of each puzzle will ever be made in each Limited Edition set.  Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle.
The 2009 Annual Series of Limited Edition puzzles conforms to Brianís stated goal of adding puzzles not generally or commercially available to his own puzzle collection.  Puzzles are chosen for either historical significance and aesthetic value, not necessarily degree of difficulty although there's nothing too easy about any of this year's puzzles. 

SOLD OUT The Flying Puzzle SOLD OUT The Flying Puzzle N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released 27th November 2009

Brian first encountered Dries's designs when he spent many puzzling hours trying to solve Dirk Weber's Exchange Puzzle from IPP28 in Prague.  This inspired him to contact Dries who then told him he had designed another 20 versions of his new slant on the original idea of what a sliding block puzzle should be.

What got Brian so interested was the supposed simplicity of the puzzle.
> Very few pieces, just three.
> Very few rules, just three.
      1. Start with blocks in the starting position marked. 
      2. Move only one block at a time into any position it will fit. 
      3. End with the block in the finishing position marked.

SOLD OUT The Minotaur's Burr SOLD OUT The Minotaur's Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released 27th November 2009

A very elegant puzzle with just 3 pieces.  How hard can a 3 piece burr be to disassemble and reassemble?  The final product is made from a combination of wood, aluminium and polycarbonate.

SOLD OUT Ternary Burr SOLD OUT Ternary Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released 27th November 2009

November 2011 one of these puzzles was resold on the Baxterweb Puzzle Auction site for USD1250.00. Previosly one had been sold in June 2011 on the Cubic Dissection Marketplace site for USD552.00 (At the time this puzzle was released the original sale price AUD420.00 was equal to approx. USD390.00.)

There are 22 pieces to this extremely difficult caged burr puzzle designed by Goh Pit Khiam.  You'll get a feel for just how difficult it is if you watch Brian put it together on YouTube  It took him until he was putting the last one together to get the courage to video it. By this time he had learnt to do it without the BurrTools computer animated solution and do it in about 5 mins. The first one took me a lot longer... a lot... at least 30 minutes with the computer!



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