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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > 1996 Limited Edition 3 Sets of 6 - Sold Out


Three different puzzles. Only 6 of each puzzle ever to be made.

This series is SOLD OUT.  These pages are for historical record only.


This unusual puzzle is made from hardwood from Northern New South Wales and mounted on a jarrah base.
For only three pieces this puzzle is surprisingly difficult. Two of the pieces consists of three 50mm cubes and the other of four 50mm cubes.
The inventor of this puzzle is STEWART COFFIN. The puzzles is #38 in Stewart's numbering system and was originally called "Three Piece Block" puzzle. Stewart made the puzzle for a company who wanted to use it as a promotional item. From 1980-1983 he made 350 only of these puzzles.
SOLD OUT Pentagonia N/A

20 30mm rhombohedrons made from Queensland Silver Ash joined by 30 pieces of black dowel makes this an impressive looking sphere with twelve pentagonal sides.
The inventor of this puzzle is PHILLIPE D'BOUIS.
SOLD OUT 3 4 5 - a twelve piece burr N/A

This puzzles was originally invented by Jean Carle who was working the French puzzle company Arjeu.
The five pieces of Queensland Black Walnut and Seven pieces of Queensland Silver Ash combine to make a great pattern when put together in this twelve piece burr.


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