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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > FIRST EVER Limited Edition Annual Series 1993 3 Sets of 6 - Sold Out


Mr Puzzle began creating our annual series of Limited Edition puzzles in 1993 as a way of adding puzzles not generally or commercially available to his own puzzle collection (click here for some photos of his collection) and this remain one of the main drivers for choosing which puzzles to make each year.

Puzzles are chosen for either historical significance and aesthetic value, not necessarily degree of difficulty.

Three different puzzles are made in each of the annual series and at the beginning just 6 of each puzzle ever to be made.

This series is SOLD OUT.  These pages are for historical record only.

SOLD OUT Twelve Points to Insanity enlarged N/A

A larger version of a puzzle in our regular range. It is known that a six piece diagonal burr was sold as long ago as 1875. Nowadays it is often called The Cluster because of the star-like cluster of wooden blocks making this puzzle. It has also been sold commercially using other names - all suggesting it's striking shape - Gem Cut Puzzle, Chestnut Burr & The Snowflake.

Often called The Great Pagoda or Japanese Crystal, this puzzle has been popular in Japan for many years and may well have originated there. Each of the 51 pieces has been interlocked to make a symmetrical, multifaceted structure with a solid core.
SOLD OUT Gold Nail Set N/A

As part of our regular range in 1993 we sold three different chromed nail puzzles on a stand. The Limited Edition set has gold dipped nails highlighted by a black wooden stand.


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