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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Current Category
Coffee Table Puzzles

coffeetable.jpgCoffee table puzzles.  Quality puzzles that will compliment your living room; presenting a fun and interesting way to pass the time for you and your guests.  People can try them even if they don't have a lot of puzzling experience.  Doesn't necessarily mean they're easy; just intuitive to play with.  And of course they look good on your coffee table.

Small Solitaire - wooden board with wooden balls Small Solitaire - wooden board with wooden balls


Start with the centre position emply and balls on all other positions on the board. The object of the Solitaire puzzle, often known as Peg Solitaire to distinguish it from the card game also called Solitaire, is to remove the balls one after the other by jumping horizontally or vertically over another ball. In the end one ball should be left in the centre hole.
Just having one marble left is a challenge but it's extra difficult to have one left in the middle.

Size: Diameter of the board is

Another Headache wooden peg puzzle Another Headache wooden peg puzzle



The object is to get the black pegs where the tan pegs are and the tan pegs where the black pegs are...                                                                                         

A Drive Down Lombard Street dexterity slide puzzle A Drive Down Lombard Street dexterity slide puzzle


Tiles - Wood selection

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange  - San Francisco, USA, August 2009
Presented by Brian Young.  Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle Australia.  Designed by Brian Young. 

This sliding block puzzle is very different to others.  Firstly, you cannot touch the tiles that you must slide because they are behind perspex.  You must use dexterity to do this.  Generally more than one block at a time will be moving which means you must think many moves ahead.  Secondly, you use the blocks that you are sliding to deliver the ball bearing from top to bottom of the puzzle.  This is like a maze because at the same time you are sliding the blocks you are forming the maze-like track that the ball bearing must take to arrive at the bottom.   Most of the pieces are different; that is the tracks in each tile that carry the ball bearing are different.

TV wooden packing puzzle TV wooden packing puzzle


The puzzle is to pack the seven pieces into the retro television set frame.  An interesting 3D packing puzzle with one fixed cube to limit the possible solutions.  This puzzle is not only a 3D packing puzzle but has an interesting step to disasssemble.

The puzzle was designed by Viteslav Krejci in 2008 and made in the workshops of Pelikan using a selection of both European woods including  maple, walnut, birch, ash, apple, pear, cherry, oak, beech, plum, and acacia as well as some more exotic woods like mahogany, ebony, begging, wenge, walnut, American, padank, rosewood, amaranth, Bubinga, owango, jarah, meranti, and iroko. 

54 step + 1 Japanese puzzle box 6 Sun 54 step + 1 Japanese puzzle box 6 Sun


6 Sun 54 Step Designs

To open this Japanese puzzle box you must slide hidden panels in order.  There are 36 moves to make in the correct order and still this box holds one more secret.   One more move is required to find the second secret compartment. 

We currently have 6 different colours and designs to choose from however in some cases we have just one of a particular colour and stock levels are constantly changing.  Choose your preference from the list "6 Sun 54 Step Designs".  We strive to keep that list updated as stocks change.  (Click Detail page for larger photos.) Designs are allocated on a first ordered basis.  The number of skilled artisans trained in this traditional technique is very limited and we could not guarantee that a particular sold out design will be restocked in future.

Size:  6 Sun
Actual size outside: 185mm x 125mm x 95mm
Space inside:  132mm X 105mm X 65mm
Space inside extra compartment is really only for paper or coins or something like that. Size: 140mm x 80mm x 3mm
Packaged in a pressboard gift box with a solution inside.



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