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Puzzles by Maker > Wil Strijbos original aluminum puzzles

wil.jpgWil started collecting puzzles in the early 1970's and by 1980 he had designed his first puzzle and he has not stopped since.  He is best known for his high quality, very difficult and unusual sequential discovery take-apart puzzles made under the name of Streetwise Inc.  Those hand crafted in aluminum are especially sought after and stocks are always very limited. 

Wil is a true puzzle solver and has the philosophical view that puzzles should not come with solution sheets.  So, if you purchase one of these puzzles there will be no printed solution packaged with it.  He asks that if you find the secrets of his puzzles please keep them to yourself.  Please do not put any pictures or written information that give a part of the mystery away on a blog or other public forum so that others can enjoy the A-Ha! feeling too.



4 piece Aluminium Jigsaw put together puzzle 4 piece Aluminium Jigsaw put together puzzle


The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and put them back together again.  Pick it up and they seem as though they are going to just fall apart, but no way is it going to be this easy.  Separating them requires precise movements by the puzzler.   A very sophisticated and quality version of a classic puzzle.

Two green and two silver solid precision machined aluminium shapes make up the puzzle. 
Ticks all the boxes for the classic executive desk toy!

Tritalon remove the coin puzzle Tritalon remove the coin puzzle


The puzzle is to take the coin out of the triangular frame and put it back in place again.

The puzzle is not hugely difficult but Brian has confidence in saying that you probably won't have another puzzle that looks and acts like this one in your collection and therefore it could easily trick you up for a while.

Aluminum Cross take apart puzzle Aluminum Cross take apart puzzle


In 1980 the Dutch designer Wil Strijbos created his first puzzle and this is it. The Aluminum Cross. And it's design is still as unique and intriguing as when he first created it over 30 years ago.

At first you might think this is the same as other 'cross' puzzles you've seen before.  It's not!
You might also think it does not look very difficult to take it apart.  It is!
And once you have it apart you might think it will not be very difficult to put it back together.  It is!

Possibly the most intriguing thing about this puzzle is that even if you see the elements of the puzzle when it's apart the solution is not obvious.  Wil is so confident of this fact that the puzzle even comes with a photo showing the internal workings of the puzzle.  But he does not supply the solution.

First Cylinder take apart progressive move puzzle First Cylinder take apart progressive move puzzle


The object of the puzzle is to open the cylinder.  As usual with Wil's designs, this is nowhere near as easy as it sounds!

And sound is important when solving this puzzle.  This puzzle does not give up it's secrets easily and like a lot of Wil's puzzles you are often working blind.

Lotus sequential discovery puzzle Lotus sequential discovery puzzle Out of Stock

The object of the Lotus is to find the Lotus Flower.

To do this you need to remove an aluminum circular disc with a rod running through the centre. But if you think you've done the puzzle by then you're very much mistaken.

The Lotus is based on the Yen Puzzle which was invented by Wil back in 1979.  That puzzle had a wooden frame with a nail in it that held a Japanese Yen Coin.  This new puzzle is beautifully machined from anodised blue aluminum and has additional secrets not found in the original design.  Those secrets are where the puzzle gets it's name Lotus Flower and until you understand the reason for the name it can be said you have not solved the puzzle.

There are many, many step in this puzzle. Many small parts.  No banging, no tapping, no external tools, no force in any way;  just enjoy the puzzle and find the secrets of the Lotus Flower.

The Egg progressive discovery puzzle The Egg progressive discovery puzzle


The goal is to take the EGG apart into two pieces;  some might say "break" the egg.  But to do it you don't need to break anything.  No force, no banging, no magnets.

Start with the egg standing on it's end.  From there you will need to discover the series of moves in order than can unlock the mechanism holding the two halves of the EGG together.  With each discovery there is just enough feedback for you to progress to the next challenge;  but not too much.   This is a very difficult puzzle. 

Size: 95mm tall and 72mm round. 

The puzzle is very solidly made from anodised pink aluminum with a matt texture and the engineering of parts both inside and out is of excellent quality.  The name of the puzzle and its individual number engraved on the front and Wil's signature engraved on the bottom of the egg.  
Each egg is individually numbered and numbers have been issued randomly by Wil so even though number 190 shows in the photo there's every chance it will not be the number of the puzzle you receive. 

The First Box sequential discovery puzzle The First Box sequential discovery puzzle


This is the improved metal version of the first puzzle box Wil designed back in 1984.  But in reality this is a sequential discovery puzzle not a puzzle box as most understand a puzzle box to be.

The puzzle is to remove the gold annodised metal rod inside.  To do this you do not need any tapping, no magnets and no external tools. Everything you need to solve the puzzle can be found inside the puzzle itself. The puzzle is made more difficult because you cannot see anything inside the box as you're solving it.

When you start the puzzle you can see into the hole in the bottom of the box that the gold anodised metal rod has a sad face on the end.  You'll have done the puzzle when you've removed the rod and put it back so that you can look into the bottom of the box and see a smiley face on the rod.

An elegant solution.  This means that no element of luck is necessary to solve the puzzle.  It can be solved at will with distinct and definite moves.

Heart in Heart take apart puzzle Heart in Heart take apart puzzle Out of Stock

The puzzle is to separate the interlocking pieces of the heart puzzle and then put it together again. 
There are three pieces to the silver heart mounted on the shiny brass base. 

Not very big, but very cute and machined to the highest quality.  Beautifully presented to make a perfect Valentine's Day present too! 



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