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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Designer > Tamás Vanyó

Tamás Vanyó is a computer programmer from Hungary who has been interested in puzzles since childhood and the discovery of the local blog helped him to understand many new and different puzzles that were out there.
Tamás says he "watched with admiration Stephane Chomine's and Yavuz Demirhan's puzzle plans" as they were published on site by Mr Ishino (who we all appreciate very much for the wonderful website he keeps) and eventually began designing himself in about 2011. 
He says of his future design plans "I'm looking for new forms of puzzles. I like special forms, not just a "cube", and because I like the mazes, I'm trying to plan this way."  
If these designs are anything to go by I'm sure we can look forward to amazing things from this young designer in the future.

Stan by Tamás Vanyó unique solution cage burr Stan by Tamás Vanyó unique solution cage burr


Wood selection:

There are 4 identical but very unusual shaped pieces to fit inside the square cage.  To remove the pieces you'll need to complete the unique level solution. 
An interesting design with lots of movement;  this is a good 'doable' puzzle for the puzzler who's never done many of these puzzles before.  'Doable' in no way translates to easy in this case but a nice puzzling experience.

Orsi Level burr in a cage Orsi Level burr in a cage N/A

There are 6 identical pieces shaped like "U" with wings a that top.  These pieces are interwoven in a symmetrical pattern to fit inside the cage.  To remove the pieces you'll need to complete the unique level solution.
Designed in July 2013 by Tamás Vanyó from Hungary.  

Crystal 2 unique solution interlocking burr Crystal 2 unique solution interlocking burr Out of Stock

This 4 piece interlocking burr designs by the new Hungarian designer Tamás Vanyó.  Tamás only started publishing his designs in 2013 and already he's becoming very well known around the world for his unusual puzzles.
Aesthetically it's a wonderful piece for any puzzle collection. The unusual shape with very contrasting colours will make it stand out amongst any group of puzzles.



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