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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > 2007 Limited Edition 3 Sets of 30 - Sold Out

le2007.jpgCombine the words Burr and Big and you have a good indication of what Brian's been working on for this year's Annual Limited Edition series of puzzles.  

DECEMBER 2007 Limited edition.  Three different puzzles. Only 30 of each puzzle ever to be made.
A Big Burr.  A representation of a really BIG burr Brian installed in his backyard this year.  24 pieces.
A Big Stuart Coffin design.  43 pieces in the set.
A Big Oskar van Deventner design.  14 pieces.




SOLD OUT Brian's Big Burr 2 burrs in one puzzle SOLD OUT Brian's Big Burr 2 burrs in one puzzle N/A


For the top part of the puzzle Brian was looking for a complex but rare burr that could attach to the main shaft of the puzzle without coming apart accidentally.  He decided to use Stewart Coffin's design called Triple Slide.   Although Stewart does not seem to have allocated this puzzle it's own number in his system he did describe it as "having a most unusual action to assemble".  Bill's Cutler's analysis in the late 1980's found it to be a unique level 3 solution.

Brian created a new design to wrap around a central post by using 4 six piece burrs that must work simultaneously.  The 16 piece burr is a level 5-5-22 burr; very solvable, especially when you have 200+ international puzzlers in your backyard!  In fact the giant puzzle was taken apart and reassembled by a group of enthusiastic puzzlers on the IPP27 Giant Puzzle day.  A copy of BurrSolver solution file for both upper and lower burrs can be supplied upon request.

SOLD OUT Pin Hole Grand Cross puzzle from Queensland Blackbean SOLD OUT Pin Hole Grand Cross puzzle from Queensland Blackbean N/A


It seems these days the only way to be able to afford to collect an important Stewart Coffin design is for Brian to make it himself.  Hence this one, the grandest in the pin-hole series from 1976.  Stewart Coffin developed this series which culminated in this 'pre-packaged kit' consisting of 7 pins, 1 bar, 12 crosses, 17 elbows, and 6 links; 43 pieces in all.

The pieces will be shipped assembled as the Pin-Hole Grand Cross, but you can also make many other puzzles.  With the puzzle we will give you a sheet with 10 additional problems (click here to see copy of sheet) for you to make with a specific selection of pieces.  If you're worried about taking the Grand Cross apart Stewart offers the advice that "by persisting with the simpler figures you can gradually become familiar with the more difficult tasks".

SOLD OUT Big Knot Variation 14 piece burr SOLD OUT Big Knot Variation 14 piece burr N/A


This amazing and symmetrically attractive 14 piece burr was designed in 1981 by Oskar van Deventer.  Although he does not specialise in burrs his designs are as ingenious as the other types of puzzles he's better known for.  Brian has always been a fan of Oskar's burrs because once assembled they create such beautiful objects.  This puzzle has 28 false solutions with just 1 constructible solution. 



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