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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > 2012 Limited Edition 5 Sets of 30 - Sold Out

Our 19th Limited Edition series is a set of 5 burrs designed by Junichi Yananose.

Junichi is renowned for designing burrs that tick all the boxes.

-      -  New and radically different designs.

-      -  Difficult puzzles but not too many moves.

-      -  Attractive so they are really “puzzle artwork”.

When Junichi came to Australia in 2011 to study he and Brian began discussing getting together and producing some of his designs.  We even have puzzles he designed up to 20 years ago.  Some have only ever been made as his own woodworking interest, some have never made at all. 

Junichi has many amazing designs to choose from so the criteria for choosing the puzzles in the 2012 Limited Edition series was that the puzzle is difficult but doable by a good puzzle solver.  

There have been compromises along the way, both Junichi and Brian are designers and woodworkers, each from very different backgrounds, but both have enjoyed working together to produce this group of interesting puzzles.

The puzzles are presented in our slightly larger format for Limited Edition; and collectively there’s almost half a cubic meter of wood to make them all (that’s a lot of wood!).

SOLD OUT Improved H Burr also called H Box Burr SOLD OUT Improved H Burr also called H Box Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released December 2012

The goal is to disassemble and reassemble the 12 H shaped pieces into an interlocked box.  All 12 pieces are slightly different to each other which makes the unique level 3-1-1-1-2-2 solution even more interesting to assemble.

Junichi conceived the original design in 1991 and Brian has always wanted to make the H burr as a Limited Edition puzzle but when making a prototype he discovered the original had a number of solutions, some easier than the one intended.

With Junichi working here over the past year it was a good opportunity to encourage him to rework the design. As a result the box burr was born by creating this unique solution H Burr.  The Jarrah (red wood) pieces were added to reduce the solutions to one only.  This then also makes the inside of the assembled shape a void, making it a box, effectively a puzzle box that can be completely disassembled.

Wood: Queensland Silver Ash (white wood) with Western Australian Jarrah inserts (red wood).
Size: 140mm x 140mm x 140mm
Weight: 1.5
kg including packaging

An amazing movement sees the H burr separating.

H Burr Junichi apart.jpg

SOLD OUT Woven Burr SOLD OUT Woven Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released December 2012

A completely new design in 2011; one of the first puzzles designed by Junichi since moving downunder!  With a unique 14-3-2-2-2 solution this is certainly one very difficult puzzle.

When he brought this design to work here at Mr Puzzle Brian immediately recognised it as a very special design and wanted to make it for Limited Edition.  This puzzle leant itself very well to the large format of Limited Edition; the shape of the pieces would be fragile if made smaller.

That was the start of the idea for this series, and what started as 1 ended up 5 very special burrs.

There are 6 pieces in the puzzle.  Each piece consists of two ‘S’ shaped pieces joined at the ends.  Not all the ‘S’ shapes are the same and not all of them run in the same direction.

With check-outs (notches) on different sides, all 6 pieces need to be interwoven together at the same time to assemble the puzzle.  It is by no measure interlocked like a standard burr. 

The final shape is symmetrical, but each piece is slightly offset to the opposing piece which makes it harder to focus on and visualise the final shape. 

Wood: Queensland Blackbutt with Queensland Blackbean inserts.
Size: 155mm x 155mm x 155mm
Weight: 1 kg including packaging

SOLD OUT Holey 6 Board Burr SOLD OUT Holey 6 Board Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released December 2012

With 540 false assemblies and only 1 Level 3-3-10-9-2 solution this puzzle is a good challenge. Lucky the puzzle is being sold assembled because we have doubts that there are many puzzlers in the world who could assemble it from scratch.  Of course we’re happy to send it disassembled if you’re up for the challenge; just ask.


When Junichi was about 20 years old he knew that the standard 6 piece burr had already been fully analysed by computer by Bill Cutler so he set about creating a different type of 6 piece burr.


He knew that the end profile of the assembled 6 piece burr was a 2 x 4 grid and he realised it was possible to divide that grid pattern in different ways.  Hence, he designed his first board burr back then in 1990.


That makes it more than 20 years ago since he designed his first board burr and to our knowledge this may have been the first time the concept of board burrs had been thought of.


Eventually the board burrs were also analysed; work done by Frans de Vreugd and Bill Cutler in early 2002.  So in 2009 Junichi again added a completely new feature to one of his designs to make this very unusual puzzle.


The holes in the end of the burr are this feature and they are an integral part of the working puzzle.

Wood: Tasmanian Oak with Tasmanian Blackwood centre
Size: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (pieces 200mm x 80mm x 20mm)
Weight: 1.5 kg including packaging


LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released December 2012

Junichi thinks the L Burr is one of his best designs ever; in his words “one of the most diabolical”.  Considering how many puzzles he’s designed over the years (and we’re sure a few of those remain unsolved around the world) this is a big statement!

It’s only 4 moves to remove the first piece, but that’s when the fun starts. This puzzle has more twists and turns than you can imagine.

Back in 1990 he pioneered the first versions of his 6 piece board burr. In 1991 he then considered that he could divide the 2 x 4 rectangular shape on the end of each completed puzzle into two L shapes to create a very interesting puzzle.   He remembers thinking this was so interesting that if he didn’t design something like this soon, someone else would.  

Completely designed in his head it took about one full week to design this L burr.  He was concentrating so much on the puzzle in that week he says he even dreamed about it.   Some people tried to make the puzzle and all reported back to Junichi that in theory the puzzle could not be assembled.  This is incorrect, although the BurrTools software (a fantastic tool for analysing burrs created by Andreas Rover) still won’t be able to help you solve this one.

Mathematical theory suggests that the puzzle has a unique solution but in practice when made from wood we know there is a slightly sneaky second and unexpected one which Brian found during prototyping (much to Junichi’s displeasure!).  After that they worked together to change and improve the original design and it now has more twists and turns than ever before.

For both assembly and disassembly you will find that correct positioning is critical to be able to get the pieces in place without any force.

So as not to rely solely on glue Brian decided to add decorative splines to each glue joint (the blonde wood) for extra strength.  We think the benefits and the final look of the puzzle has been well worth the extra time and effort.

Wood: The puzzle is made from Rose Alder with Queensland Silver Ash splines.
Size: 130mm x 130mm x 130mm
Weight: 0.80 kg including packaging

SOLD OUT Kamikaze Burr SOLD OUT Kamikaze Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released December 2012

There are many puzzle designs with co-ordinated motion but most of them have just one motion of assembly.  Most are mathematically the same.  Co-ordinated motion means a number of pieces move at the same time.  This action is often described by puzzlers in Japan as an explosion type. 

In 1995 Junichi developed a puzzle with more than one co-ordinated action or motion.  It was introduced in the bulletin of the Academy of Recreational Mathematics in Japan in that same year and has been waiting for someone to make it ever since.  Brian soon discovered there was good reason for this.   He found getting exactly the correct tolerances so that it moves just right very challenging.

The puzzle has 15 pieces and the motion and movement of the pieces in this puzzle is truly extreme.  It might appear that the puzzle is made a little loose, but be assured that it is intentional, because if it fitted firmly the puzzle would go together but getting it apart again with just 2 hands would be near impossible; that is until you get to the point of no return. Then it gets really scary!

Junichi called it Kamikaze because he considers this puzzle extreme.  Although many puzzle solvers will know which pieces go where in the puzzle, finding the order to put them in and the motion to get it together is truly extreme.

Once you’ve played with this puzzle you will soon understand where Junichi got the concept for his award winning Tornado Burr.

All 5 puzzles this year are quite different and radical but there is no puzzle more different or radical than this one.

Wood:  Queensland Silky Oak (known in some other countries as Lacewood). Click here to read more.
Size: 150mm x 150mm x 150mm
Weight: 1 kg with packaging

A sneak peak at the Kamikaze burr coming apart; this is when it gets scary!

kamikaze apart.jpg






 A view of a couple of pieces of the Kamikaze burr.

kamikaze pieces.jpg



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