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Puzzles by Designer > Goh Pit Khiam

brian+pit.jpgPit Khiam lives and works in Singapore and invents puzzles in his spare time. Some of the most complex and difficult interlocking burr puzzles you'll ever come across. Brian loves making Pit's puzzles.

Left: Brian visiting with Goh Pit Khiam in Singapore.









SOLD OUT Decemburr 12 piece multiple move burr Craftsman SOLD OUT Decemburr 12 piece multiple move burr Craftsman N/A


There is an interesting sequence of 13 forward and backward moves required to disassemble this puzzle... Yes, thatís 13 moves to get the first piece out and thatís not the trickiest part of the puzzle.

Once completely apart, there are 5485 false solutions (in other words, false assemblies), meaning the puzzle looks like it should go together but you canít get the last piece in.  Only the specific sequence of 13 moves will allow you to insert the last piece and solve this puzzle. 

This puzzle is made under license to Goh Pit Khiam.
Goh Pit Khiam invented this twelve piece puzzle in December 1999 without the use of a computer.
Weíve given the puzzle a rating 9 out of 10 because itís sold assembled. 
To solve the puzzle from a disassembled state without clues it could definitely be worthy of a  rating 10!

Click here to see the Decemburr in Jarrah as it's coming apart.

SOLD OUT Quantum Entanglement framed burr SOLD OUT Quantum Entanglement framed burr N/A


November 2011 one of these puzzles was resold on the Baxterweb Puzzle Auction site for USD526.00. (At the time this puzzle was released the original sale price AUD300.00 was equal to approx. USD 237.00)

The Quantum Entanglement puzzle is a framed burr enclosing 6 pieces but the puzzle has a major difference from other framed burrs we know of. The frame is made so that the two halves can be separated allowing you to place the pieces inside in the configuration of your choice; this way you can make the puzzle as hard or easy as you feel like attempting at the time. 

It could then be said that this puzzle is like having the burr puzzle equivalent of a sequential move puzzle like Rush Hour is.

If you decide to attempt the most difficult challenge, which is a level 80, itís good to know that the frame comes apart to reset the puzzle if you get stuck half way. There are more than 1000 different challenges and solutions for this puzzle;  we have included 10 different challenges of varying levels from an interesting level 2-9 up to the level 80-1 but donít stop there; invent your own.

This puzzle is the  ďrealĒ Quantum Entanglement, designed by renowned Singaporean puzzle inventor Goh Pit Khiam in May 2005.

We say the real Quantum Entanglement because a different design by Pit was given as an IPP26 Exchange gift by Frans de Vreugd and called Quantum Entanglement. There had been a mix up in the names and Fransís puzzle was never intended by Pit to have this name.

Pit says he called this puzzle Quantum Entanglement because of the quantum leap in the level of the burr and the entangled state of the pieces in the frame. Many moves are made just to move one piece left by 2 steps with almost all of the other pieces back to their original positions before another piece can be removed.

The box is crafted from Tasmanian Blackwood and the pieces from Pencil Cedar.  The two halves of the box can be separated by undoing the stainless steel alumn head screws.  To assist with reassembly and strengthen, 8 hand tapped guide tubes have been custom made from brass and glued inside each corner to help line up the two halves when reassembling.

Size of box: 120mm x 120mm x 75mm

SOLD OUT Criss Cross designed by Goh Pit Khiam SOLD OUT Criss Cross designed by Goh Pit Khiam N/A

This puzzle is a combination of six pieces, each being a unique shape made by joining three rods together on perpendicular axes. Bill Cutler's GENDA program reports three solutions, none of which it can disassemble. It is however possible to disassemble one of them with a rotational move that the computer has not yet mastered. The other two are as the computer found; impossible to get apart. This gives the puzzle a unique solution albeit very difficult to find.

Whilst the outward appearance of this puzzle may seem the same as the Sticks Cube invented by Oscar van Deventer in 1982 the pieces of this design by Goh Pit Khiam are different and none of them have three mutually touching joints. For added strength Brian has drilled and dowelled each join then glued with epoxy resin.
This puzzle is so rare that even the designer only has a prototype made from plastic cubes.

The puzzle is crafted from Cooktown Ironwood. This is a very heavy and dense timber, 20% harder and more dense than Ebony, even slightly more dense than African Blackwood, so dense it sinks in water. This timber is grown only in a thin band across the very northern tip of Australia known as Cape York Penninsula.

Because the colour of this timber can vary considerably the two extremes of colour are shown in a photo link below. Different shades of timber have been allocated numbers at random although we have put considerable effort into matching colour within each puzzle.
Size: 140mm x 140mm x 140mm

SOLD OUT Ternary Burr SOLD OUT Ternary Burr N/A

LIMITED EDITION of 30 puzzles released 27th November 2009

November 2011 one of these puzzles was resold on the Baxterweb Puzzle Auction site for USD1250.00. Previosly one had been sold in June 2011 on the Cubic Dissection Marketplace site for USD552.00 (At the time this puzzle was released the original sale price AUD420.00 was equal to approx. USD390.00.)

There are 22 pieces to this extremely difficult caged burr puzzle designed by Goh Pit Khiam.  You'll get a feel for just how difficult it is if you watch Brian put it together on YouTube  It took him until he was putting the last one together to get the courage to video it. By this time he had learnt to do it without the BurrTools computer animated solution and do it in about 5 mins. The first one took me a lot longer... a lot... at least 30 minutes with the computer!



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