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Puzzles by Designer > Akio Yamamoto


Described as a Master Metal Smith, Akio Yamamoto lives in Japan.

Akio Yamamoto has said that he designed these 'organic shape' puzzles by sketching plant shapes, especially the growth of roots, and that he started the design work not from its static shape, but from 'natural' motions of its components.  He says that one of the design processes was sketching a cup of coffee and milk mixed together and that although this strategy is still tentative he will try to design puzzles not only their figure, but also the process by which they form.

Seen here when he first presented the Radix puzzle at IPP25 in Helsinki, Finland in 2005.







Helix - Cast Take-apart puzzle Yamamoto designed Helix - Cast Take-apart puzzle Yamamoto designed


Difficulty Level 5
The puzzle is to take the ring off the cast metal flower.  If you can do it then you must try to put it back on again.

Radix - Cast disentaglement puzzle Radix - Cast disentaglement puzzle N/A

Difficulty Level 4

The Radix puzzle is known for both it's monumental looks and somewhat organic styling and movement.  The entire unit gives off an air of antique wisdom, the pieces joined at the base in chaotic harmony.  

Baroq - Cast metal disentaglement puzzle Baroq - Cast metal disentaglement puzzle


Difficulty Level 4

The puzzle is to separate the two pieces fashioned after the image of intertwining Bach melodies.



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