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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Current Category
Puzzling Objects

?  They are puzzles.  They may have other functionality as well.  Or just be puzzling to look at.  So what category to put them in?
We weren't really sure so we just made an Puzzling Objects category to group them together.


Cube Clock for Rubiks lovers Cube Clock for Rubiks lovers


This funky clock is styled after the puzzle that's frustrated us all since the 80's, the Rubik's Cube.  You won't be confused and frustrated by this puzzle;  in fact it might just be the easiest puzzle you ever have to do.  All you have to do is set the time and that's as easy as it gets!  Just three buttons;  Set, Up & Down and it's done.   Rotate the top just like the Rubiks Cube and you'll change the display between Time, Temperature, Date and Alarm functions.

This funky retro 80's Cube Clock will look good on any desk at work, brighten up your kids room, and is an absolute must for any twisty puzzle collector or Rubik's cube puzzle lover!
Clock runs on 1 AA Battery. Included in package.


Golf Time maze puzzle alarm clock Golf Time maze puzzle alarm clock


There's nothing like an early start for golf. This quirky alarm clock will wake you up with the sound of a cheering audience and won't stop until you get the ball in the hole. See if you can get a hole in one!

Have you got a golfer in your life you want to frustrate? This golf alarm clock is perfect.

It's not a very hard puzzle except if you're half asleep and trying to solve the maze puzzle to shut it off.

Note: Golf tee mat & 2 x AAA batteries not included.


Fork and Spoon metal puzzle Fork and Spoon metal puzzle


Solve this puzzle or starve!   Puzzleware to add fun and laughs to meal times.
The puzzle is to separate your fork and spoon so you can eat your spaghetti.
Made from stainless steel.

Puzzle Photo Frame Puzzle Photo Frame


The object is to slide the photos around until you can get the overall picture!  Dissect one larger photo and watch the fun as people try to put it together.  Or just use it for 8 different photos.

Puzzle Photo Frame holds 8 photos 5cm x 5cm.

Don't Break the Bank trick opening money box Don't Break the Bank trick opening money box


A funky wooden coin conundrum.....

Drop in your coins, accumulate the cash, and make a withdrawal?  Not so fast! 
Money talks and it's telling you to invest in the future. 
It could take a long time before you figure out how to release your savings!

Sesame Trick Opening Money Box - aluminum Sesame Trick Opening Money Box - aluminum


The puzzle is to get your money out!  Adding money to your stash is easy, but to get it out you'll need to solve the puzzle of how to open the money box. 



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