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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Family Games - quality wooden puzzles


Family Games Inc (and associated company T.O.Y.S. International) provide high quality award-winning, non-violent games. Their goal is to provide you with the finest products and to help families grow, learn, play together and have lots of fun!

Many of their products are made entirely from recycled materials and soy based inks. Family Games philosophy is to select products for their entertainment value as well as their quality. 

All packaging and solution sheets are complete in four languages - English, French, Spanish and German.

BARGAINS: For a short time only.  Old stock.  Puzzles from the TOYS International IQ Collection of Brain Bafflers at really cheap prices.  Only while stocks last.


Mosaic 12 piece wooden packing puzzle Mosaic 12 piece wooden packing puzzle


Both patience and skill are needed when positioning the 12 odd-shaped wooden pieces back within the frame. Beautiful to look at but difficult to master.

Described as a Contemporart Art Puzzle, Mosaic is 12 pieces made from triangles joined in different formats, some double layered, to be packed inside a wooden frame. The final solution is a double sided puzzle. Very high quality crafted wooden puzzle.

Magna Cube 7 piece Soma cube with magnets Magna Cube 7 piece Soma cube with magnets


Strategically placed magnets will either pull the puzzle pieces together or force them apart.

The puzzle has the same 7 pieces as originally designed by Danish poet and writer Piet Hein in 1936. You think you know how to do the Soma Cube already? But are you ready for this new twist on an old favourite?

We also sell other versions of the Soma cube. Click the links: Soma cube in wooden Box Soma Cube on wood & glass Stand

Don't Break my Heart wood & rope puzzle Don't Break my Heart wood & rope puzzle


The object is to untangle the puzzle and release the gift.

Use this Crafty Conundrum next time you want to present a gift of chocolates or any boxed gift to someone special. Surround the box with love by locking it up in this wooden heart puzzler. Don't Break my Heart is the sweetest gift idea for that someone special in your life. To indulge in the gift they must first release the box from the wooden enclosure. This may involve sliding the rope over, passing it under or pulling it through a metal ring. Figuring out what rope and which ring can certainly be frustrating... and sweet revenge for you.

Don't Count On It secret box puzzle Don't Count On It secret box puzzle


The puzzle is to try to open the wooden box and get the money, tickets or whatever out.

Instead of giving money in a plain white envelope, slip it into this crafty wooden puzzler and watch the recipient turn green!

Fits gift certificates, concert, airline or lottery tickets, paper money, greeting cards, paychecks...  Inside space is:  160mm x 70mm and it will fit 6 - 10 sheets of regular paper inside. I folded an A4 standard sheet of paper in half, then in three, and it fitted comfortably.



Don't Break the Bank trick opening money box Don't Break the Bank trick opening money box


A funky wooden coin conundrum.....

Drop in your coins, accumulate the cash, and make a withdrawal?  Not so fast! 
Money talks and it's telling you to invest in the future. 
It could take a long time before you figure out how to release your savings!



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