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canlabpart.jpgThe dictionary defines Maze and Labyrinths this way:
n. A maze is a tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route. This is different from a labyrinth, which has an unambiguous through-route and is not designed to be difficult to navigate.

World renouned maze designer Adrian Fisher describes four different types of mazes:  Labyrinths, Traditional Mazes, Single Rule Mazes and Multiple Rule Mazes.  On this page you find them all.


Oskar's Free the Key maze Oskar's Free the Key maze


The object of the puzzle is to insert the key in the keyhole and put it on all the way up to the handle of the key.  And then take it off again.
Some of the teeth on the key are too tall to go though the slits in the disk.  So you may have to turn the key (or the disk) and move the disk up and down the key to navigate the maze to do this.
The puzzle was invented by Oskar van Deventer.

Labyrinth maze puzzle Labyrinth maze puzzle


Begin with the steel ball in the 'START' position. Use the knobs on the sides to tilt the maze base to move the ball around the labyrinth. Follow the main path to the 'FINISH' position avoiding the traps.

Lock 250 puzzle lock by Jean Claude Constantin Lock 250 puzzle lock by Jean Claude Constantin


Designed by Jean Claude Constantin this puzzle is called Lock 250 because there are 250 moves to open... that means another 250 moves to close again.  And that's only if you get them all correct!   The 4 steel sliders on the front move the internal wooden plates of the puzzles and which slider you can move depends on the position of the internal plates.
The puzzle is made from laser cut plywood and the outside is veneered.
We also have the HUGE Generation Lock in stock here at Mr Puzzle with 8 sliders and many, many more moves to solve.

Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze Out of Stock

Two start positions. Two balls to get out of the maze. A double maze designed by Jean Claude Constantin to give you double the puzzle fun (and double the trouble!).

Move the two balls around the maze using the two gear wheels.  You need to consider the moves carefully because the gears are meshed together so every move on one gear will also move the other.

A great present for those engineering minded people (or those who think they are!) in your life.
Made from laser cut veneered plywood with perspex cover and so you can see all the workings of the maze; like all puzzles by Jean Claude Constantin the puzzle as a brilliant design with very high quality finish.

Golf Time maze puzzle alarm clock Golf Time maze puzzle alarm clock


There's nothing like an early start for golf. This quirky alarm clock will wake you up with the sound of a cheering audience and won't stop until you get the ball in the hole. See if you can get a hole in one!

Have you got a golfer in your life you want to frustrate? This golf alarm clock is perfect.

It's not a very hard puzzle except if you're half asleep and trying to solve the maze puzzle to shut it off.

Note: Golf tee mat & 2 x AAA batteries not included.


Duet - Cast Disentanglement Puzzle Duet - Cast Disentanglement Puzzle


Difficulty Level 5

At first glance it looks like there is only one ring hanging from the grid but there are in fact two rings attached with a magnetic force.

Can you separate the rings from the grid and return them to their original positions?

Laby - Japanese Cast Puzzle Laby - Japanese Cast Puzzle


Difficulty Level 5

This puzzle is one of these rare puzzles revived in it's new form.  The key of the puzzle is decisively navigating its labyrinth, in which exists one point of weakness for you to break through. For the indecisive part of you!

Small blue magnetic wooden labyrinth puzzle Small blue magnetic wooden labyrinth puzzle


Move the balls around the tracks of the maze using the little wooden handle with the magnet in the end. As well as having to plan ahead to identify the path through the maze this one also helps children to improve their fine motor skills.

Amazing Sea Life maze puzzle book Amazing Sea Life maze puzzle book


Ages 8+
This book contains 20 mazes each inside the shape of a living sea creature. 
Yes, there's Seahorses, Sharkes, Sperm Whales and Starfish but also a few not so well known like Gooseneck Barnacles as well.

Safe - free the Euro from the multi level maze Safe - free the Euro from the multi level maze


Find the way through the double layered maze and free the Euro from the labyrinth.  A very, very hard puzzle puzzle designed by Jürgen Reiche at Siebenstein-Spiele.  Difficulty level 6  out of 7.

Made from laser cut Pakouk & Koto (Sipo) veneered plywood with perspex cover and so you can see all the workings of the maze;  a very good quality finish.

A Drive Down Lombard Street dexterity slide puzzle A Drive Down Lombard Street dexterity slide puzzle


Tiles - Wood selection

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange  - San Francisco, USA, August 2009
Presented by Brian Young.  Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle Australia.  Designed by Brian Young. 

This sliding block puzzle is very different to others.  Firstly, you cannot touch the tiles that you must slide because they are behind perspex.  You must use dexterity to do this.  Generally more than one block at a time will be moving which means you must think many moves ahead.  Secondly, you use the blocks that you are sliding to deliver the ball bearing from top to bottom of the puzzle.  This is like a maze because at the same time you are sliding the blocks you are forming the maze-like track that the ball bearing must take to arrive at the bottom.   Most of the pieces are different; that is the tracks in each tile that carry the ball bearing are different.



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