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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

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Puzzles by Maker > Mr Puzzle Limited Edition wooden puzzles > 2005 Limited Edition 3 Sets of 30 - Sold Out





Three different puzzles. Only 30 of each puzzle ever to be made.

This series is SOLD OUT.  These pages are for historical record only.

SOLD OUT Hollow Cross 6 piece interlocking puzzle SOLD OUT Hollow Cross 6 piece interlocking puzzle N/A



All of these puzzles have been sold.

Despite making a number of Russian designed puzzles over the years, Brian's Russian has not improved. Actually, it doesn't exist at all. So, although he found this interesting design in an old Russian puzzle book he does not know it's name, nor was he able to read anything about the puzzle, even though there was only a few words written on the page.

The interesting shapes of the six different pieces are what first caught Brian's eye. They go together to make a three dimensional cross.

When assembled there is a small space inside this burr, essentially making this like a puzzle box. Putting something in the space inside does not affect the workings of the puzzle. In keeping with that theme Brian has incorporated a lock. It's not as complex as the lock in Hidden Secrets of Hep, just something to add an element of mystique and stop the puzzle from coming apart too easily.

Of course, being a burr puzzle, once disassembled, the main aim is for you to get the 6 different pieces back together.

The puzzle is crafted from Queensland Maple. The wood is brownish pink with somewhat interlocked grain, often wavy or curly. Stands of Queensland Maple are restricted to the Townsville and Windsor Tablelands areas in North Queensland. Commercial supply of this timber is now very limited as the main areas of growth are in World Heritage listed areas. It's amazing what Brian is able to find when rummaging through his timber merchant's warehouse. Puzzles are small and when you're only making 30 you don't need very long lengths.

We've used a more subtle routing pattern on the pieces of this puzzle so that when it's assembled it maintains it's symmetry. The puzzle has been lacquered inside and out and each individual piece has been buffed and waxed.

Size: 90mm x 90mm x 90mm

SOLD OUT Alchemy variation of Alterkruse puzzle SOLD OUT Alchemy variation of Alterkruse puzzle N/A

Some years ago Brian noticed a drawing of puzzle concept in Stewart Coffin's book The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections.alchemyapart.jpg

It would appear that there were a number of concepts created based on variations of the Alterkruse puzzle using pins and holes in each piece. Stewart also noted that by using many different design pieces, not just the standard left-hand and right-hand half/half combination of pieces, the puzzle would become even more interesting.

So, Mr Puzzle has done it. Brian actually invented one of these puzzles, making every piece different. A serious challenge.

There are 14 pieces to the puzzle, all different. The pieces have a total of 21 holes drilled in them in various formats and a matching 21 gold rods glued into the 14 pieces.

The puzzle is crafted from Mackay Cedar. This tree only grows in the coastal rainforests between Mackay and the Endeavour River in North Queensland. Dark red/brown in colour with some yellow streaks causing a striated pattern, this wood has a coarse, large pored and occasionally curly grain. Supply of this timber is also very limited as the main areas of growth are in World Heritage listed areas.

The pins are made from 9.6mm brass rod which we've had gold plated. Apart from looking fabulous, gold plating makes a good protective coating to stop corrosion of the brass. Brass rod was used because we could achieve a greater level of accuracy than if we used wooden dowel.

A fine pencil arris has been used on the pieces of this puzzle so we don't take away from it's box shape. The puzzle has been lacquered inside and out and each individual piece has been buffed and waxed.

Size: 90mm x 90mm x 90mm

SOLD OUT Visible Burr interlocking burr SOLD OUT Visible Burr interlocking burr N/A

NOTE: Original selling price in USD was 202.00. In September 2008 one of these puzzles sold on the Baxterweb Puzzle Auctions, Featuring the Ron Zezima Collection for USD 250.00.

This 24 piece burr puzzle was designed by Bill Cutler in 1978.visible.jpg

When Bill Cutler was describing his Visible Burr he said "I like to design burrs which are difficult to take apart. This requires irregular notches in the pieces, and I usually like to hide these in the interior of the puzzle. With the Visible Burr, I decided to make all of the notches visible to the solver. Solution of this puzzle can thus be done by analyzing the notches, rather then by using trial-and-error."

To enhance this view of the puzzle we chose to use much larger pieces. This should now provide you with the best possible view and a good chance to test your skill at solving by visual analysis as Bill hoped you would, rather than trial and error.

Between 1993 and 1999 there were just 30 of these puzzles sold by Bill Cutler and a few were sold earlier than that. The pieces were divided into 3 groups of 8, each group being made from a distinctive coloured wood. We've translated those colours into three Australian native hardwoods. This puzzle has been made from 1. Queensland Silver Ash 2. Flooded Gum (also known as Rose Gum for it's distinctive pink heartwood) 3. Queensland Blackbean.

Each piece has Mr Puzzle's signature routing on both ends. Each individual piece of the puzzle has been lacquered then buffed and waxed.

Size: 210mm x 210mm x 210mm (each piece 30mm x 30mm x 210mm) A very big puzzle!
Packaged: Assembled by default. We can also ship disassembled on request.



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