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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > miToys - budget range wood and metal puzzles

All Five - Wayne Daniel designed 5 platonic solids



All Five - Wayne Daniel designed 5 platonic solids

Designed by Wayne Daniel in 2005 this puzzle includes all five of the Patonic Solids.  When disassembled all pieces are either a Platonic Solid or can be combined with other pieces for form a Platonic Solid.  When assembled all pieces fit inside and only the Icosahedron on the outside is visible.


Pieces:  A tiny Octahedron; a Tetrahedron;  a Hexahedron;  a Dodecahedron and finally the Icosahedron on the outside.   In all 5 puzzles in 1. A total of 37 pieces. 


The New York Times quoted Jerry Slocum as saying "This is the first puzzle with all the Platonic solids in a concentric, integrated and solid form, with no voids between them.  It's an amazing achievement."  Read more about the puzzle and Wayne Daniel at


Wayne was originally producing this puzzle himself but could only make a few each week and the price was USD400.  At last known count in early 2006 the waiting list included 171 people.  Because he could not keep up production Wayne decided to licence the product and have it commercially manufactured so we could all have the chance to own one.  Although the puzzles sold here are not made by Wayne Daniel himself the quality is very good for the price.


Size: Diameter of Icosahedron 90mm

Information on back of box in three languages - English, French & German

Included with the puzzle is a comprehensive printed solution.  The puzzle is packaged with a DVD showing an animated solution.  The DVD also has a short documentary about the history of Platonic Solids and about the designer Wayne Daniel. (DVD not available separately)allfiveendorsed.jpg




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