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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Type > Wire & Other Metal Disentanglement

Chinese Ring puzzle 9 linked rings



Chinese Ring puzzle 9 linked rings

The puzzle consists of a looped handle interlocked with nine rings.  The object is to remove the nine rings from the handle.  It will take 341 moves to do the puzzle but there's a method and once you know it you'll certainly be able to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle has been analysed by many mathematicians and more recently computer scientists alike.  It is particularly interesting because it's been shown that the process of removing the rings can be directly related to binary numbers.

Known around the world as the Chinese Ring puzzle, or just the Chinese Rings, it's real name is Jiulianhuan but over the years it's also been know as Nine Linked Rings, The Linked Rings, Chinese Folk Rings, Devil's Needle and more.... In France they call it Baguenaudier, in Italy it's known as Anelli di Cardano or Cardano's Rings.  

Perhaps China's most famous puzzle ever, certainly equally as well known as the Tangram puzzle.   Stewart Culin (an American ethnographer 1858-1929) proved the Chinese Ring puzzle was invented by the Chinese general Hung Ming in the 2nd century AD.

Size: Length of looped handle 220mm
Nicely boxed with solution in decorative Chinese themed box as shown.

The Chinese Ring puzzle is a type types of "n-ary" puzzle meaning each move has "n" number of state - in this case 2 states being binary.   These types of "n-ary" puzzles have either 2 states - binary, or 3 states - ternary, and more.  Read more about n-ary puzzles and see others we have here.

Check out this very good website with the history of Chinese puzzles including the chinese ring puzzle.

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