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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > Smart Games - high quality educational puzzles

Safari Hide and Seek logic game with Booster Pack combo



Safari Hide and Seek logic game with Booster Pack combo

Ages 7+    Loved by Adults!
You'll love the original 48 challenges so much we know you'll want the additional Booster pack which has 60 more!  Save money and buy the package up front. 

Multi-level Logic Game.  Develops strategic planning, visual and spatial perception.  48 Challenges with solutions.  4 levels.  Starter. Junior. Expert. Master.

Watch your step with this Safari!
Put the 4 puzzle pieces on the game board so that only the animals that are on the safari challenge are visible on the board and so that all the others are hidden.

Puzzle board size: 200mm x 200mm x 37mm

Booster Pack:
Enjoyed the original? Then it's time to raise your game. Step up to the challenge and take on the Booster Extension.  In this booster pack you will find an additional matching puzzle tile and new challenge booklet with 60 brand new adventures for your Safari Hide and Seek one player game.
The game rules stay the same but this time you have 5 puzzle pieces to choose from, not 4! Can you make the right choice? 

Size: 154mm x 180mm

Included in package is the Original Game PLUS Booster Pack
> Puzzle board with slide lid to storage compartment for keeping puzzle pieces and booklet tidy inside. Ideal for travel.
> 4 colourful pieces.
> Separate pamphlet with game rules.
> Glossy print spiral bound booklet with 48 challenges and solutions.
> Booster pack including an additional matching puzzle tile and challenge booklet with 60 brand new adventures and solutions.
> Booklet with rules and solutions in 6 languages - English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish & Portuguese.

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