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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Very Difficult Puzzles

V Cube 7x7 the largest and hardest cube


Background Cube 7x7 Colour

V Cube 7x7 the largest and hardest cube

Prepare to be absolutely amazed by the smoothness and sturdiness of this cube!  V-CUBE 7™ is a multicoloured, seven-layered cube with exceptional quality and incredibly smooth rotation. The sides have a nice pillowed shape that feels great under the fingers.  Available with either black or white background cube color.
Mr Lin Chen set the current record of 3 mins 13.11 seconds for speed solving of this cube in Hefei Spring in 2012.  How long do you think it will take you to learn to do it that fast?
The V-CUBE 7™is the largest mass produced cubic puzzle in the world - that's legal, that is!  It has two more layers than the largest Rubik's Cube the 5x5 Professor Cube.  It even has it's own page on Wikepedia.

Remember the person who gave you your first Rubik's Cube? To thank them, buy one, mess it up and give it to them. Now that's paying them back with interest!
Size:75mm x 75mm x 75mm pillow-shape sides
Solution page: contains everything you need to know to solve the V-Cube.  Beginners Stagegy,  Hints for solving Centres, Corners and more...
These are the genuine original V-CUBE™ products, not the inferior Magic Cube copy, manufactured under V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES.

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