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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > Bolaris - 3D sliding puzzle

Bolaris Maailma world - 3D sliding globe puzzle



Bolaris Maailma world - 3D sliding globe puzzle

Special edition Earth From Space.  Difficulty Level 3.5/4 Very Difficult.

Once all the pieces have been scrambled to solve the puzzle slide the pieces around until the rectangular pieces form a vision of earth from outer space.  The level of difficulty is higher because of the asymmetrical "face" pattern on the graphic.

The puzzle is the world seen from space, partially covered with clouds. Solving the puzzle requires the rectangular parts to be moved according to the continents, coasts lines and cloud patterns.  An extra feature included: when the rectangular parts are slid around, some underwater and sub-continental landscapes are revealed.   An object like this has never been made before, anywhere.  The Earth image is printed on the plastic parts using special UV-inkjet printer, used in the mobile phone cover decoration production.  This is durable and safe technology. The pieces of only four puzzles at a time are manually laid out on a specially designed frame, this ensures precise printing.

This brand new puzzle invented and made in Finland has made the small but significant step from flat 2D-sliding puzzles to the third dimension. The one-part-at-a-time sliding system allows the player to see the individual parts and the surrounding ones to figure out which one needs to be moved, to which direction, and how to get it done.

Material: ABS-plastic and its colouring pigments, approved for use in food packaging and toys.

Size: Diameter of sphere 70mm.   Solution not included.


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