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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzle Boxes

Karakuri small cube puzzle box #6



Karakuri small cube puzzle box #6

Designed & made by the Karakuri Creation Group.  Their description of the puzzle assumes previous knowledge of other puzzle boxes they have made but perhaps there's more challenge to do the puzzle if you do not know their other boxes.  "Karakuri Small Box #6 was created based on 'Top Box (M-5-1)'. People who know the 'Top Box' will have already understood the answer. If you donít know, perhaps itís difficult to open. Can you imagine the answer from the title? Maybe you need a slight skill to open it, because we made it as a small size work. Maybe you also had better use a desk. If anything, you had better play on the carpetÖ"

The top of the box is obviously separate from the bottom, it can move in and out slightly, and when you shake the puzzle it rattles.   Not like other Japanese puzzle box designs that's for sure.

We have sourced these boxes directly from Japan. The Hakone region has a long history of generations of master craftsmen making secret opening boxes for more than 100 years.  Our stock of these boxes is very limited and once sold we're not sure how long it will be before we could get similar puzzle boxes again.

This very special puzzle box is crafted in Walnut wood.

Size outside: 47mm x 47mm x 47mm
Space inside: 27mm x 27mm x 15mm A great space for a ring!

A solution is provided.

Bottom of the box shown below:

karakuri small box 6 bottom.jpg

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