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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > Pelikan - amazing woodwork and design - interlocking wood puzzles

Pelikan Egg wooden interlocking puzzle on Stand


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Pelikan Egg wooden interlocking puzzle on Stand

An ingenious 4 piece interlocking egg puzzle on a turned wooden stand designed in 2007 by Jaroslav Svejkovski.  Whilst this is not considered an extremely difficult puzzle, it may prove to be more difficult to get apart than to put together.  The pieces are each made from many smaller complex shaped pieces glued together; finding the correct combination that are not glued, to push or pull to take apart, is very important.

Once you take this puzzle apart you will need to fit the 4 pieces back together paying attention to forming the smooth surface of the egg.  Because these puzzles are hand turned and finished there is only one solution.  There may be a number of different assemblies but for the finished puzzle to exactly as it was made you must assemble it correctly.

A great long lasting Easter present for a puzzler instead of too much chocolate.

The Pelikan workshop uses a selection of both European woods including  maple, walnut, birch, ash, apple, pear, cherry, oak, beech, plum, and acacia as well as some more exotic woods like mahogany, ebony, begging, wenge, walnut, American, padank, rosewood, amaranth, Bubinga, owango, jarah, meranti, and iroko.  Each piece of the puzzle is very precisely made from many smaller complex shaped pieces glued together.  The pieces are then fitted together with very fine tolerances before being put on a lathe and turned; therefore it is possible that they could be affected by very humid environments. To protect each puzzle against changing conditions they are stored and shipped in the original airtight ziplock bag they were put in in the Pelikan factory.

Egg size: 80 mm high 60mm diameter.   Stand height: 40 mm
Colour: Random multi-colour.

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