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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > Sheesham wooden puzzles from India

Grand Master sliding block puzzle



Grand Master sliding block puzzle

The object is to be able to slide the large block to get the large block to the bottom. There's a sheet included with three possible starting positions but in reality there are endless combinations to start to make many different puzzles.

The puzzle will ALWAYS be possible when the rectangular blocks are vertical. Where you place them will determine how many moves it will take to solve.

There is a way to get the puzzle out in 35 moves... see if you can find this starting position... But, don't just stop there, there are hours of relaxing fun in the numerous different combinations.

J. H. Flemming patented the popular sliding block puzzle called Dad's Puzzle in 1932 in England although it may have been known earlier than this in France as the L'Ane Rouge.
Variations of this puzzle then became very popular in Japan during WWII; one called "Daughter in a Box" and another called "Break Through the Enemy's Defences" were made for civilians to pass the time in air raid shelters.
The puzzle is still popular now with a widely known computer version said to be based on the ancient Polish children's game of manipulating blocks called klotski or klocki.
We even used to make a version here at Mr Puzzle called Major Migraine Maker (see information about Sold Out Mr Puzzle puzzles on our archive pages here).

Size 120mm x 145mm x 35mm
The puzzle is presented in lovely flip lid solid wood box with brass hinges and trim.

Click here to play with some classic designs on Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzle Page.


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