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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

IPP Puzzles

Spare Parts - Stewart Coffin design #242



Spare Parts - Stewart Coffin design #242

Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - Narita, Japan  August 2013
Presented by Rosemary Howbrigg.  Designed and made by Stewart Coffin.

We have a very small quantity of these puzzles which Stewart made for the IPP Exchange only.  Spare Parts is #242 in Stewarts numbering system and Stewart has written in pencil "242 STC 2013" on each puzzle.

The puzzle come assembled in a six bar solution. In itself this puzzle is not trivial to assemble.  The stated goal is to add the 3 spare pieces to this puzzle to form a new symmetric assembly. The new assembly has 4 fold symmetry and 5 axes of symmetry. 

In layman's terms - use all the pieces and fill all the holes with all the dowels and end up with a symmetric shape.

Stewart provides this hint in the form of a poem.  Not often do you get such an elaborate hint!

Supplied with some extra spare pieces
Whatever could Stew have been thinking?
Evidently he made way too many
His brain cells must surely be shrinking
But consider they might serve a purpose
Before you suspect hes been drinking
Since this three-folder has only one axis
And a shape more symmetric we strive
To increase the number of axes
Use all of the parts to make five!

For those who've never tried a Stewart Coffin puzzle before you'll be in for a great puzzling experience.  None are trivial to solve.  Your chance to own an original Stewart Coffin manufacture and design;  very hard to come by these days.

Size of final puzzle assembled:  80mm x 80mm x 80mm
The puzzle is made from walnut and a very detailed printed solution is provided for both the original 6 bar assembly and the full 8 bar assembly.

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