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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzles by Maker > ThinkFun - engaging and educating kids

Rush Hour sliding block puzzle



Rush Hour sliding block puzzle

NEWS:  Voted one of Parents' Choice 'Best 25 Toys of 25 Years' at the American Specialty Toy Retailers Association 2012 "Best Toys for Kids" awards. 

The goal is to escape the gridlock. Rush Hour is a sliding block sequential move puzzle designed to challenge your sequential-thinking skills.

The puzzle comes with 40 challenge cards with four levels of play:  beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. 
Start with beginner challenges and work up from there.  Colour coded cards make games setup easy.  If you find yourself hopelessly stuck in traffic gridlock just tip out the pieces and start over.

The puzzle was invented by Nob Yoshigahara (1936 - 2004) and patented in 1996.  Nob was a celebrated inventor of puzzles; one of the best the world has ever seen.  He invented countless ingenious puzzles (including the NEWS and others in the Hanayama range on this site) and wrote over 70 books on puzzles.  

The puzzle includes playing grid surface with pull out card drawer, 4 standard trucks and 11 standard cars, 1 fancy car (that's for you to drive out of the traffic jam, 40 challenge cards and a bonus storage bag for easy transport.

If you can never solve the puzzle you can always download some free software to help; yes the Rush Hour puzzle is so popular there's even been puzzle solver software written especially for it.  Here's one example:

Box Size: 225mm x 203mm x 62mm   Red fancy car Size: 40mm x 20mm x 10mm

Click here for more information about Nob Yoshigarhara, Born 1936 Passed Away 2004


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