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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Puzzle Books

The Tangram puzzle Book



The Tangram puzzle Book

Written by Jerry Slocum.   Published by Sterling Publishing Pty Ltd.   Foreword by Martin Gardner (October 21, 1914  May 22, 2010).
ISBN 1 4027 1688 5  First published in 2004
192 full colour glossy pages  Soft cover

The story of the Chinese Puzzle with over 2000 puzzles to solve.

From the Foreword by Martin Gardner:  "A few years ago Jerry became intrigued by how little was known about the origins and history of the most famous of all dissection puzzles, the old Chinese puzzle called Tangram...."    "It turned out that almost everything that had been written about the history of the puzzle was wrong...."   "The little-known facts are all here, for the first time, in a wonderfully readable and richly illustrated volume ...."

The chapters in the book cover: 
>Puzzles before the Tangram
>The origin of the name Tangram
>The Tangram craze
>Merchandising the Tangram
>Hoaxes and errors previously held as truth
>Tangram puzzles from around the world
>Tangram problems to solve and the solutions

Size: 205mm x 255mm

Click here to read short Biography Jerry Slocum

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