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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Mr Puzzle at IPP26

Below are pictures from IPP26. IPP26 was held in Boston, USA in August 2006.

Many puzzlers also attended the opening of Jerry Slocum's puzzle collection at the Lilly Library in the Indiana University in Bloomington.
Click here to see pictures of that event.

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stewart coffin puzzles

Brian was pretty pleased he managed to buy a Stewart Coffin original puzzle on the day of the Puzzle Party even though he drew #70 in the draw to get in line to purchase.
Pictured here with Stewart and his partner Mary.

ipp puzzlers

Pictured with first timer Karen Washbourne and our Host at IPP26 Chris Morgan. All looked like they were having a great time.

lost puzzlers

Where did you say we were going for dinner?
Didn't Rosemary say she knew where to go?
IPP26ers lost in downtown Boston!

willem van der poel

Willem van der Poel was one of the Computer Scientists involved in making IBM's first computers back in the 1950's. During the IPP visit to the Boston Science Museum he enjoyed this computer made by two MIT students in 1978 from more than 10,000 tinker toy parts, fishing line and other bits. It's speciality is tic tac toe - it never loses but is sometimes unreliable when the fishing line slips!

perry mcDaniel with brian young

Not only was Perry McDaniels' exchange puzzle a work of 'kitchen' art it was delivered with a fantastic Chef's act. At first we all thought he was a chef come out from the kitchen to look at all the puzzles.

 boston tea chest puzzle

Brian's favourite event - The Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange
Brian with a stack of his Boston Tea Chest puzzles before the exchange started.


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