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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Currency Exchange Rates

All prices on our web site are shown in Australian Dollars.

If you are shipping to an address in Australia the price will include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). You can see International Prices (items exported from Australia to an international destination) Use credit card to pay for puzzlesexclusive of GST.

The currency from your country of origin will also be shown at the current exchange rate. This information is designed for information purposes to help you see an approximate cost of the puzzle in your home currency. You may change the second currency shown by double clicking on the price shown. A second window will pop up and you can choose an alternative currency.


If you choose to pay by credit card amounts will be charged to your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) in Australian Dollars.

The currency conversion amount actually charged to your credit card is dependent upon a combination of the payment gateway used and the credit card bank/company's exchange rates at the exact time when the credit card is charged.

Credit Card transactions are governed by the policies and procedures of either the credit card company or bank you are hold your account/s with. Please refer to them for further information about currency exchange rate and terms and conditions of credit card use.


PayPal now works in Australian dollars. So just click the link on the final checkout page and go directly to PayPal to send funds.

PayPal transactions are governed by the policies and procedures of PayPal. Please click here to go to the PayPal help centre for further information.


If you choose to pay using direct deposit to our bank account we will send you a separate email detailing the account to transfer funds to and any exchange rate information which may apply. Once funds have been received into this account your puzzles will be sent.

Note: prices are quoted in Australian Dollars so if you wish to transfer foreign currency please transfer at current day official exchange rate or send a separte email to us to request further information.


There are a number of internet sites which quote current day official exchange rates; one of them is:


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