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Puzzle: a problem or game that tests the ingenuity of the solver.

We sell mostly mechanical puzzles but also stock jigsaw puzzles and some other puzzling items. Many of our brain games as they could be called, are wooden puzzles, although you will find many other puzzles including cast puzzles, other metal puzzles.

Unlike word or jigsaw puzzles, mechanical puzzles are hand-held objects that must be manipulated to achieve a specific goal. These puzzles are sometimes referred to as mechanical puzzles, brain teasers, 3d puzzles, mind benders, one person games, logic games, or just plain wooden games or wooden toys. In fact in languages other than English 'head breaker' is often the literal translation. Puzzel or or breinbreker is most commonly used in Dutch, Pussel in Swedish are probably the closest to English but the French call them Casse-Tete, in Spanish it's Rompecabezas, the Germans usually say Geduldsspiel and the Hebrew words Hidat Shihzur is literally translated as Restoration Puzzle.

Many of our puzzles are often referred to as 'Chinese' puzzles (the generic term for puzzle in Mandarin is written Zhiliyouxi, literally meaning: "Intelligence Game") or Japanese puzzles (puzzle in Japanese is pronounced pazuru), or Rubiks puzzles. In fact these puzzles rarely originate in China and only one of them is of the Rubik style however certainly many modern day puzzles have been invented in Japan like the Pandora's Box and the Hanayama cast metal puzzles sold on this site.

On this site you will find many original wood and metal puzzles, some made here at Mr Puzzle by puzzle maker Brian Young, but many from other puzzle designers or puzzle manufacturers. We stock very difficult puzzles, as well as classic well known puzzles and brainteasers. We will have included details about the inventor and whatever history we know about each puzzle on the Presentation card which is packaged with it.

We sell high quality jigsaw puzzles with Australian themes. We do not sell crossword puzzles or logic puzzles.

To read more about the history of puzzles click here.


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