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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

What's New?

Latest information about new puzzles @ Mr Puzzle

9th December 2014

Just arrived from Germany. A great new puzzle box, sequential discovery to open Click here and more from Siebenstein-Spiele Click here.

28th November 2014

Four new inexpensive puzzle boxes just arrived. Buy individually Click here or a set of all 4 at a discounted price Click here.

12th November 2014

Things back in stock in time for Christmas shopping. Very hard 7 X 7 V Cubes. Click here. Lots more very popular wooden puzzles from Vinco just arrived. Click here for details.

12th November 2014

ThinkFun! Almost 30 years of developing Mind-Challenging Games and Logic Puzzle. These have been out of stock for a while now so we're happy to have them just in time for Christmas shopping. Click here for details.

Codeword. Some very interesting wooden puzzles added to this range. Budget puzzles. But that doesn't mean they're not very interesting designs. Click here for details. And watch this space. We'll be adding more to this range soon.

7th November 2014

And finally we've got just a few of these amazing EGG puzzles from Wil. A very hard sequential discovery puzzle that highlights precision engineering and design in aluminium. Click here for details.

17th October 2014

More gorgeous aluminium puzzles from Wil. Ticks all the boxes for the classic Executive Desk Toy - 4 piece jigsaw. Click here. and Heart in Heart would make a great wedding or valentine gift. Click here

26th September 2014

Puzzles or Art? Both! These amazing woodworking pieces are made to the absolute highest quality and precision. We have limited stock of these amazing designs made by Vinco. Flowers 3 Ocvalhedron 26 Dual Tetrahedron 28 Dual Tetrahedron 21

5th September 2014

Just listed 6 new puzzles released at at IPP34 in London.

They include an amazing Progressive Move puzzle sculpure called Big Ben, three new interlocking burr puzzles, a great Austaliana themed puzzle and a Stewart Coffin original design tray puzzle. Click here to see these and many others from previous IPPs including new stock of the Hexominoe Challenge by Marcel Gillen from last year's IPP33.

5th June 2014

New puzzle boxes from Japan have just arrive. Finally! Karakuri small puzzle box #8 to complete the collection. A 9 move money box to keep your coins safe. Also both 21 and 35 + 1 move larger 5 Sun puzzle boxes. Click here

4th May 2014

In stock now is Tritalon desinged by Iwahiro made by Wil Strijbos. Brian has confidence in saying that you probably having no other puzzle that looks and acts like this one in your collection. Click here

2nd May 2014

We've been out of stock of Wil Strijbos Lotus puzzle for a while but just got a few back in stock this week. Click here

10th April 2014

Five new and interesting wooden interlocking puzzles from Pelikan. Great designers. Yamamoto. Demirhan. Chomine. And a new face on the puzzle design scene William Hu from Australia. Hard Puzzles. Stairs Cube. HALT. Konstrukt. Cubax. Box Packing. Click here

23rd March 2014

iBall electronic brainteaser. 21st century Rubiks Cube. Set all six buttons to the same colour. 2 levels. Click here

4th Febeuary 2014

Magic Wand interlocked metal puzzle back in stock in Enigma cast metal puzzle range. Click here

5th January 2014

A good range of wood and metal puzzles at a very affordable price. Includes Oskar's Free the Key maze, Tower of Hanoi and many more wood and metal puzzles. Click here

1st January 2014

Happy New Year to all our customers!

Great way to start the new year with another shipment from Europe including a couple more Generation Locks from Jean-Claude Constantin Click here and some more Wil Strijbos aluminium puzzles Click here

11th December 2013

2 piece Symmetrick puzzle now back in stock. How can just 2 pieces be so hard? Click here.

3rd November 2013

7 NEW different amazing burrs made by the Pelikan workshops. Designs by Osanori Yamamoto, Tamás Vanyó and Stéphane Chomine. Some high level. Many different framed or caged burr designs. Click here.

2nd November 2013

Back in stock - Lancelot high level burr by Stéphane Chomine Click here.

24th October 2013

So, you've tried the Lock 250 and mastered the 250 moves? Now there's it's VERY big brother the Generation Lock. Over 340 million moves. Can that be true? Click here.
The Downunder puzzle is to fit the T piece into the frame under the acrylic cover. A new design in 2013 by Jürgen Reiche.Click here.

4th October 2013

The four boxes in this set of Karakuri Cube Boxes are designed in the checkered pattern which very effectively disguises the opening movements and mechanisms. The boxes are exact cubes with no distinguishing marks on any side and this makes it difficult to even know if you have the puzzle the right way up to open. Buy them as a discounted set or individually Click here.

27th September 2013

Inexpensive wooden interlocking puzzle. Variation on classic cube shape. click here.

19th September 2013

Shipment just arrived from Europe. Back in stock. Lock 250 (yep! that means 250 moves to get it open and another 250 to close it) click here. Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze Click here. Free the Euro from the Safe; click here. And from Wil Strijbos the First Box click here.

8th September 2013

We have a total of 7 new designs available from the recent IPP33 held in Narita, Japan. There are 4 high level burrs made by us here at Mr Puzzle although you may not at first recognise our Kumiki Airlines puzzle as that. There is also a Stewart Coffin original designed and made. Plus two interesting puzzles designed in Europe by Marcel Gillen. Click here to see these and many others from previous IPP events.

At IPP33 we caught up with our old friend Vinco and have a 4 new puzzles in a set to make four different shaped polyhedra. Click here. All the puzzles are difficult to assemble. Each puzzle is individually boxed with it's own solution. Good value at under $9 each! We've also updated the Bicone range and have the Bicone 2 checkered pattern Click here and the larger Bicone 6 Swirl pattern Click here in stock.

7th September 2013

Bill Cutler designed burrs back in stock. Both the Wausau 82 13 piece Click here & Wausau 83 14 piece Click here burrs are now back in stock. It's been quite a wait but it will be worth it for these two excellent designs, not only for the puzzling experience but also for the lovely examples of various contrasting Australian hardwoods we've used.

25th July 2013

The Karst Phenomenon puzzle was originally made for the 2008 International Puzzle Party. It's been out of stock a couple of years but it's a unique design concept invented by Karst Nauta from Luxembourg, so we decided to complete some more. Click here

6th July 2013

New Jean Claude Constantin designs. Lock 250 (yep! that means 250 moves to get it open and another 250 to close it), Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze and more. Click here

5th July 2013

You've mastered 7 step, 10 step even 21 step puzzle boxes? Why not try your hand at 36 Click here or even 54 Click here steps then? Amazing craftsmanship directly from the masters in Hakone - you'll want these 6 Sun puzzle boxes as much for their exquisite Yosegi mosaic woodwork as the challenge itself.

28th June 2013

And yet more stock has arrived from The Netherlands of these high quality precision machined aluminum puzzles designed and made by Wil Strijbos. The last lot sold very fast. Click here.
Stocks just arrived to top up V-Cube range. All sizes now available in either black or white background. 2x2 Click here 3x3 Click here. 5x5 Click here and 7x7 Click here.

15th June 2013

Vinco's puzzles have been restocked this week so we've now got more of the popular Bi-Cycle, Xcruci8, Diagra, Cube AC and Kiss puzzles. Click here to see all the puzzles we have from Vinco's range.

12th June 2013

***SPECIAL PROMOTION*** Get even more puzzles for your postage dollar. Spend over 100.00 on puzzles and receive 20% discount off the postage cost

11th June 2013

Houdini Torture Cell. The last of a very small number now available. Brian has been able to source a small amount of the acrylic tube he needed to complete the last few of these puzzles hae had already cut out. Once sold he won't be making them again. Click here.

4th June 2013

More stock has now arrived from The Netherlands of these very high quality puzzles, precision machined from aluminum, designed and made by Wil Strijbos. The last lot sold very fast. Click here.

30th May 2013.

The last lot of puzzles we got from the Pelikan workshops sold very fast. We've restocked the burrs by designers Osanori Yamamoto and Yavuz Demirhan and added a couple of new designs from Stephane Chomine as well. Click here.

We know there's a lot of people out there looking for very hard puzzles, an in particular hard burr puzzles, so we've added this new page with just High Level multiple move burrs. Click here.

26th April 2013.

Wonder Fool small clear puzzle box. Great to put a small gift in to really frustrate someone. Click here.

20th April 2013.

Small Japanese Secret Houses - 7 move puzzle box in stock. Click here.

11th April 2013.

Current stocks of Estergon 2 sold out. New stocks arriving end of this month as well as more new designs from Pelikan. Current stock items Click here.

7th April 2013

Just arrived from The Netherlands, a group of very high quality puzzles, precision machined from aluminum, designed and made by Wil Strijbos. Wil's puzzles are well known for their interesting (and difficult!) solutions. But a warning - Wil is a true puzzle solver and has the philosophical view that puzzles should not come with solution sheets. So, if you purchase one of these puzzles there will be no solution supplied. Click here.

Free the Euro from the coin Safe by Siebenstein-Spiele Click here and three 2D packing puzzle designs by Jean-Claude Constantin Click here

25th March 2013

5 new interesting and difficult puzzles from the Pelikan Workshops featuring designers Osanori Yamamoto and & Yavuz Demirhan Click here.

20th March 2013

More budget burrs including a set of four different puzzles just $20 Click here.
Sets of small wire puzzles. Buy 6 or 12. Click here.
Large format Music series disentanglement puzzles Click here.

Three new high quality puzzles from Family Games. Soma cube with magnets. Click here. Mosiac 12 piece 2 level puzzle Click here. Don't Break my Heart puzzle gift wrapper. Click here.

8th March 2013

New range of budget puzzles. Sliding Block, Burrs, Solitaire, 3D packing and more... Made in India of Sheesham wood. Click here.

7th March 2013

A couple of budget burrs added today. Watch this space... more to add soon. 12 piece interlocking burr Click here 9 piece chrystal puzzle Click here.

Large elegant version of Solitaire with white glass balls on polished wooden board. Click here.

More kids puzzles added to the site today. Fun magnetic labyrinth puzzles that help fine tune motor skills. And maze books for very young kids. Click here

1st March 2013

Fun and educational wooden jigsaw puzzles with letters A-Z numbers 1-26. Giraffe, Rabbit, Elephant and Dinosaur. Bright colours. Click here

21st February 2013

Puzzles back in stock. Another version of the age old "Hedgehog" puzzle called Uncaged Star Puzzle Click here And save money on classic heritage disentanglement puzzles. We stock 6 different ones. Buy any 4 of your choice for $1 off each puzzle. Click here.

9th February 2013

***SPECIAL PROMOTION*** Spend over 100.00 on puzzles and receive 15% discount off the postage cost

29th January 2013

Mr Puzzle's Mega Six interlocking burr now back in stock. Both Craftsman Range (all three types of wood) Click here and Standard Range Click here available.

24th January 2013

We've now got 6 of the 8 boxes from the Karakuri small puzzle box series available. Unfortunately puzzle box #6 is already sold out and we cannot get any copies of #8. All box numbers #1 to #8 have different solutions with varying degrees of difficulty. Click here.

21st January 2013

Mr Puzzle Craftsman Range Mega Six now back in stock. All three wood types in stock. Queensland Silver Ash. Queensland Blackbean. Western Australian Jarrah. Click here.

If you haven't visited our site for a while and would like to see What's New pages before December 2012 click here.


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