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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Product Catgeories

Mr Puzzle's Puzzle - those puzzles we manufacture ourselves - are sorted into three categories.

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Mr Puzzle Australia presents a comprehensive range of complex puzzles in our standard range. Often called brainteasers or mindbenders, our range of mechanical puzzles includes complex interlocking puzzles, commonly known as burr puzzles, tangrams, sequential move puzzles, and both rope puzzles and nail puzzles in our disentanglement range. Our nail puzzles in our disentanglement section use large plated nails and are presented on wooden stands rather than the standard wire puzzles.
The wood used in our standard range is a plantation grown pine called Radiata which is then soaked in a cedar interior use stain and sealed with two coats of polyurethane clear satin.
Included with each puzzle is a Presentation Card which outlines the object of the puzzle, credits the inventor where known, details known history about the puzzle, and shows the difficulty rating as well as a printed Solution Sheet as well as a printed Solution Sheet.

We also offer a Craftsman Range and some Limited Edition puzzles.


Puzzles for the truly discerning collector.
Mr Puzzle has created puzzles in select timbers, with particular emphasis on native Australian varieties, and finished them with extra attention to detail so they truly qualify as CRAFTSMAN made products. In each of these puzzles every piece has been individually pencil arrised and many have additional fancy detail on the ends.
Despite quite spectacular colours none of the timbers used in this range have been stain enhanced... this is their natural look.

Mr Puzzle began creating Limited Edition puzzles in 1993 as a way of adding puzzles not generally or commercially available to his own puzzle collection.
Puzzles are chosen for either historical significance and aesthetic value, not necessarily degree of difficulty.

Even though they are works of art in their own right they are definitely working puzzles. An additional puzzle element is often added which makes the puzzle unique and usually increases the level of difficulty. They are made to a larger scale than usual so you can display your pieces of puzzle art. We use Australasian timbers - often very rare species.

Mr Puzzle began making only six of each puzzle in 1993 but these days more are made. No additional puzzles from previous limited editions have ever or will ever be made. There are not even any formal drawings of these puzzles available. Mr Puzzle always keeps one of them for himself. There has on rare occasions been a Designer's Copy of the puzzle made as well.

The puzzles are individually numbered and signed by Brian and come complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Although we provide professionally printed solutions with all other puzzles we do not usually do so for Limited Edition items. However, we are always willing to provide whatever assistance you require to solve your puzzle - anything from handy hints to hand drawings and sometimes photos are available upon request.

Within our ranges we there are puzzles in these broad categories:
The description of an Interlocking Burr puzzle as "an interlocking geometrical puzzle, composed of notached rods, possessing a high degree of external symmetry" is attributed to Bill Cutler
Disentanglement puzzles covers those puzzles where the object is to separate the components and then join them together again.
Put Together puzzles cover a range of puzzles from interlocking solid puzzles to those puzzles which require you to build either a two or three dimensional shape.
These puzzles involve moving parts of the puzzle according to given rules to achieve a goal.
The category refers to a sub group of Take Apart puzzles. The key difference between a sequential discovery puzzle and other take apart puzzles is that you will remove pieces that will have to be re-used as tools or reinserted to advance like this one. Sometimes called Progressive Move puzzles. Also referred to as Treasure Huntint puzzles.
and more............


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