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Mr Puzzle Standard Range
Mr Puzzle Australia presents a comprehensive range of complex puzzles in our standard range.
The wood used in our standard range is a plantation grown pine called Radiata which is then soaked in a cedar interior use stain and sealed with two coats of polyurethane clear satin.

Mr Puzzle Craftsman Range
Mr Puzzle has created puzzles in select and often rare woods, with particular emphasis on native Australian varieties, and finished them with extra attention to detail so they truly qualify as CRAFTSMAN made wooden puzzles.

Mr Puzzle Limited Edition Puzzles
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Mr Puzzle began creating Limited Edition puzzles in 1993 as a way of adding puzzles not generally or commercially available to his own puzzle collection. The puzzles are individually numbered and signed by Brian and come complete with a certificate, and are presented in a protective cotton drawstring bag.

Mr Puzzle IPP Puzzles
Each year in August Brian releases a completely new design to exchange with other collectors at the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange.

Puzzles EXCLUSIVE to Mr Puzzle. Many of the puzzles made by Mr Puzzle Australia are not available anywhere else in the world!
This category includes many EXCLUSIVE designs developed over the past 17 years by Mr Puzzle Australia. There are also a number of puzzles we make under licence to the original designer which are not being made by any other manufacturer.

See puzzles from Other Craftsman from around the World:

Hanayama Cast Puzzles Hanayama Toy Co. began life in the mid-1930s as a manufacturer and retailer of traditional games, indoor pursuits and other toys, and from the very beginning has placed great emphasis on creative ideas, good quality and friendly service. More than seventy years later, Hanayama continues to make board games, puzzles and bingo games that are guaranteed to be the life of the party at family gatherings for people of all ages.

Family Games Inc Family Games Inc (and associated company T.O.Y.S. International) provide high quality award-winning, non-violent games. Their goal is to provide you with the finest products and to help families grow, learn, play together and have lots of fun! Many of their products are made entirely from recycled materials and soy based inks. Family Games philosophy is to select products for their entertainment value as well as their quality. All packaging and solution sheets are complete in four languages - English, French, Spanish and German.

Václav Obšívac We first met Václav (Vinco to his friends or Vin & Co) at the International Puzzle Party. Václav has been making puzzle in his own workshop in Frenštát pod Rahoštem in the eastern part of the Czech Republic in north Moravia since 2001. In that year he was a participant at the World Puzzle Championships in Brno in Czech Republic. He makes all the puzzles himself using various timbers including beech, maple, ash, oak, elm, acacia, walnut, pear-tree, appletree, plum-tree, cherry.

Wooden Crafts of Sydney
Wooden Crafts of Sydney make all their puzzles locally in New South Wales. The puzzle pieces, beautiful representations of Australian animals and states, are laser cut from platation grown Australian woods.

Plato Puzzles At Plato Puzzles they like a challenge. They love challenging others to solve their puzzles, complete the jigsaw image, understand the physics, and develop greater powers of perception and lateral thinking. And most of all they hope in doing all this you join them in celebrating a wonderful indigenous heritage while having fun in the process!

Pelikan Pelikan was established in 2005 as the direct successor of the Josef Pelikan workshops. For many years, until his death in 2005, Josef Pelikan was a leading puzzle manufacturer, well known not only in the Czech Republic but around the world for his innovate designs and precision craftsmanship.

Bolaris. Bolaris (TM) , the easy-to-manipulate sliding puzzle in real 3D, was invented by the Finnish Industrial Designer, Hannu Hjerppe and made in Finland. Actually it's a 2D-sliding puzzle wrapped around a ball; the playing method is very much alike. Just the one little exception: it happens in 3D!

Mongolian puzzles. This range of puzzles is designed and made in Mongolia in the workshops of Mr Tumen-Ulzii at his Puzzle Museum in Ulaanbaatar. The puzzles are handmade and handpainted.

Peek-A-Boo Designs. The artist Kathy Bass from Peek-A-Boo designs designs and crafts jewellery and puzzles at her studio at Bangalow near Byron Bay in northern New South Wales. The puzzles are made from the hightest grade Australian lead-free Pewter, then polished and plated in either silver oxide or bronze oxide.

Smart Games. Smart Games offers high quality, award winning educational toys & games. After try-out periods with children, puzzles go through a series of tests for safety, production engineering and final design review. This way, full satisfaction can be expected and obtained. Keep on playing Smart Games!

Think Fun. ThinkFun believes that having fun is great way to learn. That belief is built into every ThinkFun puzzle and game. ThinkFun puzzles and games engage kids and educate kids. Most of them also engage and educate adults! Applying this philosophy has won them more than 200 awards so far, and they say that we can all count on them to bring us more mind-challenging puzzles and games that kids and adults alike will want to play over and over again.

We sell mostly mechanical puzzles but also stock jigsaw puzzles and some other puzzling items. Many of our brain games as they could be called, are wooden puzzles, although you will find many other puzzles including cast puzzles, other metal puzzles.

Unlike word or jigsaw puzzles, mechanical puzzles are hand-held objects that must be manipulated to achieve a specific goal. These puzzles are sometimes referred to as mechanical puzzles, brain teasers, 3d puzzles, mind benders, one person games, logic games, or just plain wooden games or wooden toys. In fact in languages other than English 'head breaker' is often the literal translation. Puzzel or breinbreker is most commonly used in Dutch, Pussel in Swedish are probably the closest to English but the French call them Casse-Tete, in Spanish it's Rompecabezas, the Germans usually say Geduldsspiel and the Hebrew words Hidat Shihzur is literally translated as Restoration Puzzle.

Many of our puzzles are often referred to as 'Chinese' puzzles (the generic term for puzzle in Mandarin is written Zhiliyouxi, literally meaning: "Intelligence Game") or Japanese puzzles (puzzle in Japanese is pronounced pazuru), or Rubiks puzzles. In fact these puzzles rarely originate in China and only one of them is of the Rubik style however certainly many modern day puzzles have been invented in Japan like the Pandora's Box and the Hanayama cast metal puzzles sold on this site.

On this site you will find many original wood and metal puzzles, some made here at Mr Puzzle by puzzle maker Brian Young, but many from other puzzle designers or puzzle manufacturers. We stock very difficult puzzles, as well as classic well known puzzles and brainteasers. We will have included details about the inventor and whatever history we know about each puzzle on the Presentation card which is packaged with it.

We sell high quality jigsaw puzzles with Australian themes. We do not sell crossword puzzles or logic puzzles.

To read more about the history of puzzles click here.


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Spend over 100.00 on puzzles and receive 20% discount off the postage cost