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Mr Puzzle - We've got puzzles!

Gallery of puzzles

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Click on the link in the right hand column to go to our detail page for that puzzle which includes a photo. Prices are in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST. See detail page for International Prices.

Buy from a comprehensive range of quality mechanical puzzles. We offer complex wooden puzzles including burrs and other interlocking puzzles, rope puzzles, metal disentanglement using nails, sequential move puzzles, mazes, take apart puzzles and many more 3D brain teasers....

Click on the link in the right hand column to go to our detail page for that puzzle which includes a photo. Prices are in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST. See detail page for International Prices.



Price Aust $
incl 10% GST
(less 10% for international shipments)

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Ring Catcher magic ring trick Wire Puzzles 4.95 prod196.htm
Scrambled Squares - Sharks b.Dazzle 5.95 prod281.htm
Scrambled Squares - Tropical Fish b.Dazzle 5.95 prod282.htm
Daily Calendar puzzle ThinkFun 6.95 prod213.htm
Pyramid Mr Puzzle 6.95 prod39.htm
Wonder Fool Box Other Puzzles 7.00 prod450.htm
Trick Opening puzzle Box Other Puzzles 7.00 prod170.htm
18 piece interlocking peg burr Other Puzzles 7.00 prod431.htm
9 piece Chrystal interlocking burr Other Puzzles 7.00 prod399.htm
My First Maze pad Buki Toys 7.50 prod401.htm
Pyramid of Balls CodeWord 8.50 prod244.htm
Interlocking 9 piece flower burr CodeWord 8.50 prod121.htm
Wooden Animals Jigsaw puzzle Kids Puzzles 8.50 prod183.htm
My First Maze Book Buki Toys 8.50 prod400.htm
Planet wooden put together Other Puzzles 8.50 prod350.htm
Wooden Barrel interlocking puzzle CodeWord 8.95 prod266.htm
Double Colours Blocks CodeWord 8.95 prod235.htm
Oskars Free the Key maze CodeWord 8.95 prod53.htm
Chocolate Box 7 piece packing puzzle CodeWord 8.95 prod51.htm
Wooden hedgehog in a cage CodeWord 8.95 prod72.htm
Interlocking Keys puzzle CodeWord 8.95 prod115.htm
Cast Elk Antlers CodeWord 8.95 prod87.htm
Six Magic blocks 9 piece packing puzzle CodeWord 8.95 prod75.htm
Star and Snake disentanglement puzzle CodeWord 8.95 prod86.htm
Butterfly Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1005.htm
A Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1006.htm
Caterpillar Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1008.htm
Treble Clef Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1015.htm
Star Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1014.htm
Bike Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1013.htm
Dingo Trap Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1016.htm
Heart Breaker Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1009.htm
Patience Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1011.htm
Airplane Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1012.htm
Fantastic 5 Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1010.htm
Bell Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 8.95 prod1007.htm
Symmetrick Other Puzzles 9.00 prod375.htm
Chinese Ring Puzzle Other Puzzle 9.00 prod144.htm
Brain Tester Family Games 9.00 prod242.htm
Brain Drain Family Games 9.00 prod245.htm
33 piece chrystal burr puzzle Other Puzzles 9.00 prod271.htm
Cross Cube assembly puzzle CodeWord 9.50 prod122.htm
Checkered Cubes CodeWord 9.50 prod229.htm
Chinese Ring Puzzle Other Puzzles 9.50 prod144.htm
Australian Wire Puzzle Other Puzzles 9.50 prod1212.htm
MM wire puzzle Other Puzzles 9.50 prod761.htm
Elephant Wire puzzle Other Puzzles 9.50 prod171.htm
Violin Test wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod422.htm
Do Re Mi wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod424.htm
Melody Chain wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod425.htm
Dance of Fencing wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod426.htm
Pipa Test wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod427.htm
Rhyme of Star wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod428.htm
Ziza wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod429.htm
Ballet Dancer wire puzzle Dilemma 9.95 prod430.htm
Buki Maze Books - Dinosaurs Buki Toys 9.95 prod118.htm
Amazing Sea Life maze book Buki Toys 9.95 prod341.htm
Animaze Animals maze book Buki Toys 9.95 prod381.htm
Rush Hour - Additional Card Pack 2 Other Puzzles 9.95 prod529.htm
Rush Hour - Additional Card Pack 3 Other Puzzles 9.95 prod497.htm
Rush Hour - Additional Card Pack 4 Other Puzzles 9.95 prod498.htm
Bite Your Nails Mr Puzzle 9.95 prod25.htm
Mystery Box large Other Puzzles 9.99 prod270.htm
Children's magnetic wooden labyrinth blue Kids Puzzles 10.00 prod404.htm
Children's magnetic wooden labyrinth red Kids Puzzles 10.00 prod405.htm
Tower of Hanoi n-ary puzzle CodeWord 10.95 prod55.htm
Double Ball disentanglement Other Puzzles 11.00 prod137.htm
Wood ring disentanglement Other Puzzles 11.00 prod152.htm
Triple post disentanglement Other Puzzles 11.00 prod176.htm
Snake Cube Large Other Puzzles 11.00 prod378.htm
A-Z Elephant wooden puzzle Kids Puzzles 11.50 prod387.htm
A-Z 1-26 Dinosaur wooden puzzle Kids Puzzles 11.50 prod207.htm
A-Z 1-26 Rabbit wooden puzzle Kids Puzzles 11.50 prod386.htm
Blacksmith's Bell mi Toys 11.50 prod5.htm
Convict's Escape mi Toys 11.50 prod6.htm
Ned Kelly's Armour mi Toys 11.50 prod16.htm
Crackerjack mi Toys 11.50 prod212.htm
Jackaroos Stirrup mi Toys 11.50 prod217.htm
Minefield (Hedgehog in the Cage) CodeWord 11.95 prod312.htm
Stretchy Cube CodeWord 11.95 prod227.htm
12 piece Hex Prism Tower Other Puzzles 11.95 prod370.htm
Uncaged Star Hedgehog Puzzle Other Puzzles 11.95 prod380.htm
Bent Again Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod26.htm
Bent Again - Business Card Holder Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod30.htm
Get Hooked Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod62.htm
Just Have Patience Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod54.htm
Knot to be Knotted Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod61.htm
Twisted nail puzzle Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod59.htm
Send You Loopy Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod64.htm
Traffic Lights Mr Puzzle 11.95 prod221.htm
Rubik's Cube solution books Collectibles 12.00 prod117.htm
Set of 3 Classic wooden puzzles - SELLING OUT Other Puzzles 12.00 prod379.htm
12 piece wooden star burr Other Puzzles 12.00 prod100.htm
10 piece wooden Honeycomb Puzzle Other Puzzles 12.00 prod704.htm
Control Ring rope puzzle Other Puzzles 12.50 prod391.htm
Soma Cube in Box Other Puzzles 12.50 prod17.htm
Fork & Spoon metal puzzle IS Gift 12.50 prod57.htm
Horseshoe puzzle Other Puzzles 12.95 prod599.htm
Secret Box I miToys 12.95 prod367.htm
Labyrinth rolling ball maze Other Puzzles 13.50 prod94.htm
Cubiforms Stacked Cubes
WAS 17.50 SALE PRICE 13.99
mi Toys 13.99 prod3.htm
White Dots puzzle Other Puzzles 14.95 prod206.htm
Secret Box II miToys 14.95 prod364.htm
Secret Box III miToys 14.95 prod361.htm
2 x 2 V Cube Twisty 14.95 prod71.htm
White Dots puzzle Other Puzzles 14.95 prod206.htm
Chained Up! metal chain nut and bolt puzzle Enigma 14.95 prod138.htm
Times Square Other Puzzles 14.95 prod7.htm
Bolted! cast metal nut and bolt Enigma 14.95 prod334.htm
Cross Threaded nut and bolt puzzle Enigma 14.95 prod363.htm
Camouflage Booster Pack Smart Games 14.99 prod277.htm
Safari Hide and Seek Booster Pack Smart Games 14.99 prod278.htm
Round interlocking burr Sheesham 15.00 prod411.htm
Square AC Small Václav Obšívac 15.00 prod961.htm
Cube Vinco take apart puzzle Václav Obšívac 15.00 prod85.htm
Hungarian Rings Collectibles 15.00 prod106.htm
Mechanical Puzzle Book Other Puzzles 15.00 prod29.htm
Puzzle Solution Book Other Puzzles 15.00 prod24.htm
Twice as Hard Other Puzzles 15.00 prod390.htm
Bamboo Burr 7006 mi Toys 15.00 prod218.htm
Rattle - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod168.htm
H & H - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod204.htm
Helix - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod1.htm
Baroq - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod397.htm
Coaster - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod882.htm
Cricket - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod470.htm
Cuby - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod876.htm
Duet - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod886.htm
Elk - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod101.htm
Equa - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod161.htm
Laby - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod102.htm
Loop - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod166.htm
Ring II - Cast Puzzle Hanayama 15.50 prod472.htm
Puzzle Photo Frame Other Puzzles 15.50 prod1091.htm
The Puzzle Sticks Mr Puzzle 15.95 prod60.htm
Magna Cube Soma puzzle Family Games 15.95 prod415.htm
Mosaic 2 level packing puzzle Family Games 15.95 prod417.htm
Party At The Reef - 100 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 16.00 prod1157.htm
Turtle Joins The Party - 100 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 16.00 prod1159.htm
Australian Emblem - 250 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 16.00 prod347.htm
Secret Box IV miToys 16.95 prod379.htm
Cannonball cast metal take apart Enigma 14.95 prod335.htm
Trick Opening wooden puzzle box Puzzle Boxes 17.00 prod179.htm
Set of 6 small wire puzzles Other Puzzles 17.00 prod418.htm
Octopus wooden jigsaw letters a-z Kids Puzzles 17.25 prod15.htm
Rod by Rod mi Toys 17.50 prod228.htm
Flip Side Think Fun 17.95 prod1240.htm
Fifteen sliding block puzzle ThinkFun 18.95 prod220.htm
Tricky Dick Mr Puzzle 18.95 prod67.htm
Gridlock Other Puzzles 19.50 prod146.htm
Don't Break my Heart Family Games 19.95 prod416.htm
Set of 3 Classic Wood puzzles Other Puzzles 19.95 prod449.htm
3 x 3 V-Cube Twisty 19.95 prod2.htm
Don't Count on It Family Games 19.95 prod973.htm
Race Around The World Dr Wood 19.95 prod352.htm
Time maze puzzle clock Intl Gift 19.95 prod366.htm
Anaconda sliding block puzzle Smart Games 19.95 prod129.htm
Horseshoe Puzzle large size miToys 19.95 prod351.htm
Interlocking wooden football miToys 19.95 prod274.htm
Interlocking wooden bowling pin and ball miToys 19.95 prod275.htm
Interlocking wooden baseball and mit miToys 19.95 prod272.htm
Interlocking wooden soccer ball Other puzzles 19.95 prod276.htm
Cube Clock Other Puzzles 19.95 prod231.htm
Don't Get Cross Mr Puzzle 19.95 prod65.htm
Noah's Ark 26 pce alphabet puzzle Kids Puzzles 19.95 prod354.htm
Cover Your Tracks
WAS 27.95 SALE PRICE 19.99
Think Fun 19.99 prod1242.htm
Hot Spot
WAS 27.95 SALE PRICE 19.99
Think Fun 19.99 prod1243.htm
5 L Massai 2D packing puzzle small Siebenstein-Spiele 20.00 prod461.htm
Kiss put together Václav Obšívac 20.00 prod483.htm
Alles Käse 4 pieces of cheese puzzle Siebenstein-Spiele 20.00 prod443.htm
Soma Cube on wood and glass stand Sheesham 20.00 prod406.htm
Set of 6 wire puzzles Other Puzzles 20.00 prod419.htm
Set of 4 budget burrs Other Puzzles 20.00 prod433.htm
Grand Master sliding block puzzle Sheesham 20.00 prod410.htm
15 Piece interlocking diagonal burr Sheesham 20.00 prod412.htm
Twisty cylinder sequential move Sheesham 20.00 prod407.htm
Cube AC Václav Obšívac 20.00 prod468.htm
Twelve Points to Insanity Mr Puzzle 20.00 prod50.htm
Zodiac burr puzzles Mongolian 20.00 prod261.htm
Interlocking Wine Glass puzzle Wine&Beer 21.95 prod902.htm
Interlocking Beer Mug puzzle Wine&Beer 21.95 prod903.htm
Interlocking Beer (stubbie) puzzle Wine&Beer 21.95 prod928.htm
Kangaroo - 500 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 22.00 prod346.htm
Food and Weapons - 500 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 22.00 prod345.htm
Vinco XIV Václav Obšívac 22.00 prod482.htm
Hunter and Tucker - 500 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 22.00 prod344.htm
Gordian's Knot very hard take apart puzzle ThinkFun 22.95 prod214.htm
Wooden cricket bat & ball puzzle on oval stand Sports Puzzles 22.95 prod362.htm
Wooden tennis racquet and ball puzzle Sports Puzzles 22.95 prod192.htm
Aussie Beer Can holder puzzle Wine & Beer 23.95 prod932.htm
Aussie Wine holder puzzle Wine&Beer 23.95 prod934.htm
Treasure Quest
WAS 34.95 SALE PRICE 24.99
Think Fun 24.99 prod27.htm
Pylon 2P2C Pelikan 25.00 prod435.htm
5 L-Box 2D packing puzzle Siebenstein-Spiele 25.00 prod442.htm
Bi-Cycle very hard 2 pieces Václav Obšívac 25.00 prod262.htm
MoMA Rubik's Cube Collectibles 25.00 prod143.htm
Set of 2 Puzzle Books Other Puzzles 25.00 prod32.htm
Tresorpack 6 - Balls Václav Obšívac 25.00 prod210.htm
Tresorpack 6 - Blocks Václav Obšívac 25.00 prod297.htm
Bermuda, pack the sea creatures puzzle Siebenstein-Spiele 25.30 prod286.htm
Pento Siebenstein-Spiele 26.40 prod337.htm
Rush Hour - All three Additional Card Packs Other Puzzles 26.95 prod499.htm
Diagra Václav Obšívac 27.00 prod208.htm
Solitaire wooden balls Other Puzzles 27.00 prod197.htm
Rubik's 2x2 Aboriginal Dot Painting Cube Rubik's 27.50 prod1203.htm
Japanese secret Koyosegi box 2 sun 7 step Puzzle Boxes 27.50 prod112.htm
Rubik's 2x2 Australian Animals Cube Rubik's 27.50 prod1204.htm
Voyage to Terra Australis - Australia Coastline puzzle Mr Puzzle 27.50 prod173.htm
Rubik's 3x3 Cube Rubik's 27.95 prod1210.htm
Interlocking Wine puzzle Wine&Beer 27.95 prod897.htm
Bahloo the Moon God - 750 piece jigsaw Plato Puzzles 28.00 prod343.htm
Toolkit 2d packing puzzle Siebenstein-Spiele 28.00 prod459.htm
Harmaa Bolaris 28.95 prod186.htm
Vastavari Bolaris 28.95 prod188.htm
Chrystal 51 Teak Puzzles 29.50 prod178.htm
Star Burst Teak Wooden 29.50 prod1187.htm
The Tangram Book Puzzle Books 29.95 prod836.htm
Safari Hide and Seek logic game Smart Games 29.95 prod348.htm
Pirates Hide and Seek logic game Smart Games 29.95 prod1053.htm
Anti-Virus puzzle game Smart Games 29.95 prod342.htm
North le Camouflage Smart Games 29.95 prod1052.htm
Stainless Steel twisty cube puzzle Executive Desk 29.99 prod113.htm
Black Hole Burr Mr Puzzle 30.00 prod151.htm
Columnata 2P3C Pelikan 30.00 prod436.htm
Set of 12 small wire puzzles Other Puzzles 30.00 prod421.htm
Zodiac animal puzzle boxes Mongolian 30.00 prod265.htm
Prismaster Václav Obšívac 30.00 prod90.htm
Krabana Václav Obšívac 30.00 prod89.htm
Downunder packing puzzle Siebenstein-Spiele 32.00 prod490.htm
Coming of Age Václav Obšívac 32.00 prod88.htm
Didgeridoo - 1000 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 32.00 prod105.htm
Milaybuma - 1000 piece Jigsaw Plato Puzzles 32.00 prod157.htm
Just Six 6 pce burr Mr Puzzle 32.00 prod44.htm
Renovator's Revenge set 3 nail puzzles Mr Puzzle 32.00 prod63.htm
Domino Bolaris 32.95 prod203.htm
Rush Hour Think Fun 32.95 prod494.htm
Set of any 4 Music Series wire puzzles Wire Puzzle 34.00 prod423.htm
Set of 4 wooden burrs Other Puzzles 34.00 prod433.htm
Don't Break The Bank Family Games 34.95 prod402.htm
Pete's Pike Think Fun 34.95 prod79.htm
Alles fur die Katz - 9 cats puzzle J-C Constantin 35.00 prod441.htm
Brace Yourself burr Mr Puzzle 35.00 prod466.htm
Sputnik Returns Mr Puzzle 35.00 prod200.htm
Ice Pillar Pelikan 35.00 prod437.htm
Betty's Baffling Bracelet Mr Puzzle 35.00 prod11.htm
Sputnik Václav Obšívac 36.00 prod298.htm
Set of 12 different wire puzzles Other Puzzles 36.00 prod420.htm
Globe Extraordinary - Small Executive Desk 37.95 prod1208.htm
Fallingwater Burr Mr Puzzle 38.50 prod159.htm
Set of 4 Vinco 3D shapes Václav Obšívac 39.95 prod479.htm
Fifteen Puzzle Book Puzzle Books 39.95 prod844.htm
5 x 5 V Cube Twisty 39.95 prod172.htm
Samuri 2d puzzle Marcel Gillen 40.00 prod478.htm
Sly Burr Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod199.htm
Hammerhead Burr Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod202.htm
Another Headache Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod35.htm
Make Room packing puzzle Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod236.htm
Pandora's Box Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod37.htm
Mega Six Mr Puzzle 40.00 prod82.htm
Tri-Cycle 6 piece puzzle Václav Obšívac 42.00 prod263.htm
Xcruci8 8 piece puzzle Václav Obšívac 42.00 prod224.htm
Camouflage Puzzle & Booster Pack combo Smart Games 42.95 prod155.htm
Safari Puzzle & Booster Pack combo Smart Games 42.95 prod160.htm
P&L packing puzzle Mr Puzzle 45.00 prod233.htm
3 Boxy Václav Obšívac 45.00 prod91.htm
Free Pause burr puzzle Mr Puzzle 45.00 prod135.htm
Diagonal Twins Mr Puzzle 45.00 prod377.htm
The Cube Mr Puzzle 45.00 prod13.htm
Globe Extraordinary - Medium Executive Desk 46.95 prod1207.htm
Trickbox Václav Obšívac 47.00 prod963.htm
Safe - free the euro coin from the maze Siebenstein-Spiele 49.00 prod440.htm
Karakuri Small Cube puzzle box #1 Japanese Box 49.50 prod150.htm
Karakuri Cube puzzle box #2 Japanese Box 49.50 prod241.htm
Karakuri Cube puzzle box #3 Japanese Box 49.50 prod249.htm
Karakuri Small Cube puzzle box #4 Japanese Box 49.50 prod359.htm
Karakuri Cube puzzle box #5 Japanese Box 49.50 prod264.htm
Karakuri Cube puzzle box #6 Japanese Box 49.50 prod201.htm
Karakuri Cube puzzle box #7 Japanese Box 49.50 prod289.htm
Karakuri Small puzzle box #8 Japanese Box 49.50 prod124.htm
Set 4 Rope Puzzles Mr Puzzle 49.80 prod81.htm
7 x 7 V Cube Twisty 49.95 prod185.htm
Combo Fifteen puzzle & The 15 Puzzle Book ThinkFun 50.00 prod223.htm
 Set of 4 Puzzle Boxes miToys 50.00 prod382.htm
Stepping Burr level 10 Mr Puzzle 50.00 prod467.htm
Karst Phenomenon Mr Puzzle 50.00 prod198.htm
Groovy Cubes craftsman Mr Puzzle 50.00 prod453.htm
Karakuri Cube box #1 Japanese Box 52.00 prod485.htm
Karakuri Cube box #2 Japanese Box 52.00 prod488.htm
Karakuri Cube box #3 Japanese Box 52.00 prod487.htm
Karakuri Cube box #4 Japanese Box 52.00 prod486.htm
Plus Cross Václav Obšívac 52.00 prod962.htm
Checking In Stewart Coffin Design Mr Puzzle 55.00 prod177.htm
4 Sun 10 Step puzzle box Japanese Box 55.00 prod225.htm
Stan by Tamás Vanyó cage burr Pelikan 55.00 prod502.htm
P Burr level 18.2 burr (disassembled) Mr Puzzle 55.00 prod469.htm
Tibetan Puzzle Lock Puzzle Lock 55.00 prod120.htm
Egg put together puzzle Pelikan 55.00 prod222.htm
Sesame - Trick Money Box lycarbonate Other Puzzle 55.95 prod273.htm
Lock 250 - 250 move puzzle lock J-C Constantin 56.00 prod462.htm
P Burr level 18.2 burr (assembled) Mr Puzzle 58.00 prod480.htm
Keep I on the Burr Mr Puzzle 58.00 prod162.htm
Zahnradlabyrinth double gear maze J-C Constantin 58.00 prod465.htm
36 Spheres Václav Obšívac 58.00 prod1004.htm
Sesame - Trick Money Box Aluminum Other Puzzle 59.95 prod1154.htm
4 Sun 9 step Koyosegi puzzle money box Japanese Puzzle Box 60.00 prod126.htm
4 piece Aluminium jigsaw Wil Strijbos 60.00 prod193.htm
Tritalon remove the coin puzzle Wil Strijbos 60.00 prod123.htm
Cubax framed Burr Pelikan 60.00 prod68.htm
Boston Tea Chest Mr Puzzle 60.00 prod842.htm
Spare Parts - Stewart Coffin #242 Stewart Coffin 60.00 prod475.htm
All Five Other Wooden 65.00 prod131.htm
4 Sun 21 Step puzzle box Japanese Box 66.00 prod295.htm
Four piece interlocking solid Václav Obšívac 66.00 prod314.htm
Pandora's Box Siebenstein-Spiele 69.00 prod280.htm
Konstrukt Pelikan 70.00 prod107.htm
TV packing puzzle Pelikan 70.00 prod239.htm
Kumiki Airlines level 13.4 burr Mr Puzzle 70.00 prod474.htm
Lombard Street sliding block Mr Puzzle 70.00 prod256.htm
Mega Six Craftsman Mr Puzzle 70.00 prod84.htm
Dicey Box Mr Puzzle 70.00 prod14.htm
Maailma 3d sliding globe puzzle Bolaris 75.00 prod187.htm
Washington Monument - IPP32 Mr Puzzle 75.90 prod28.htm
Secret House puzzle box - 7 move small Puzzle Box 78.00 prod448.htm
Cube After Party Václav Obšívac 79.00 prod313.htm
SEARious Burr Mr Puzzle 80.00 prod23.htm
Wausau '82 Burr Mr Puzzle 80.00 prod843.htm
Wausau '83 Burr Mr Puzzle 80.00 prod22.htm
IPP 14 piece burr Mr Puzzle 80.00 prod110.htm
Gold Coast Parking Meter Mr Puzzle 85.00 prod9.htm
A Plugged Well - IPP32 Mr Puzzle 85.00 prod369.htm
Set of 3 standard Bolaris Bolaris 86.35 prod148.htm
Bicone 2 checkered pattern Václav Obšívac 88.00 prod132.htm
Dual Tetrahedron 28 Václav Obšívac 89.00 prod183.htm
Full Set 12 Wire Puzzles Other Puzzles 89.50 prod1017.htm
New Japanese secret puzzle box III Japanese Box 90.00 prod95.htm
Insoma - two puzzles in one Mr Puzzle 90.00 prod21.htm
Bicone 6 Swirl pattern Václav Obšívac 92.00 prod484.htm
Set of Classic Rubik's Puzzles 3 4 & 5 Mr Puzzle 96.85 prod149.htm
Flowers 3 Václav Obšívac 110.00 prod182.htm
Ocvalhedron 26 Václav Obšívac 110.00 prod184.htm
Aluminium Cross take apart puzzle Wil Strijbos 110.00 prod439.htm
First Cylinder sequential discovery puzzle Wil Strijbos 110.00 prod447.htm
5 sun 21 Step + 1 Japanese Box Puzzle Boxes 125.00 prod365.htm
Eureka Puzzle Mr Puzzle 130.00 prod839.htm
5 Sun 35 + 1 step Kirichigae puzzle box Japanese Puzzle Box 135.00 prod147.htm
Set of 4 Bolaris puzzles Bolaris 157.85 prod240.htm
Lotus Flower progressive move take apart Wil Strijbos 168.00 prod445.htm
Set of 4 Karakuri Checkered cube boxes Karakuri 196.00 prod180.htm
Generation Lock J-C Constantin 250.00 prod491.htm
EGG sequential discovery Wil Strijbos 300.00 prod190.htm
First Box sequential discovery Wil Strijbos 300.00 prod444.htm
6 sun 54 Step + 1 Japanese Box Puzzle Boxes 350.00 prod457.htm
Big Ben sequential discovery puzzle Mr Puzzle 385.00 prod165.htm

We sell mostly mechanical puzzles but also stock jigsaw puzzles and some other puzzling items. Many of our brain games as they could be called, are wooden puzzles, although you will find many other puzzles including cast puzzles, other metal puzzles.

Unlike word or jigsaw puzzles, mechanical puzzles are hand-held objects that must be manipulated to achieve a specific goal. These puzzles are sometimes referred to as mechanical puzzles, brain teasers, 3d puzzles, mind benders, one person games, logic games, or just plain wooden games or wooden toys. In fact in languages other than English 'head breaker' is often the literal translation. Puzzel or or breinbreker is most commonly used in Dutch, Pussel in Swedish are probably the closest to English but the French cthem Casse-Tete, in Spanish it's Rompecabezas, the Germans usually say Geduldsspiel and the Hebrew words Hidat Shihzur is literally translated as Restoration Puzzle.

Many of our puzzles are often referred to as 'Chinese' puzzles (the generic term for puzzle in Mandarin is written Zhiliyouxi, literally meaning: "Intelligence Game") or Japanese puzzles (puzzle in Japanese is pronounced pazuru), or Rubiks puzzles. In fact these puzzles rarely originate in China and only one of them is of the Rubik style however certainly many modern day puzzles have been invented in Japan like the Pandora's Box and the Hanayama cast metal puzzles sold on this site.

On this site you will find many original wood and metal puzzles, some made here at Mr Puzzle by puzzle maker Brian Young, but many from other puzzle designers or puzzle manufacturers. We stock very difficult puzzles, as well as classic well known puzzles and brainteasers. We will have included details about the inventor and whatever history we know about each puzzle on the Presentation card which is packaged with it.

We sell high quality jigsaw puzzles with Australian themes. We do not sell crossword puzzles or logic puzzles.

To read more about the history of puzzles click here.


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