1000 piece Murder Mystery Jigsaws

These are not just any 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles… they’re  classic murder mystery puzzles waiting to be solved!

Invite some friends over and enjoy some fun and mystery.

Read, the short story about the mystery unfolding.
Next, assemble the 1000 piece puzzle to discover the hidden clues.
Then, solve the mystery by piecing together clues from the story and the jigsaw puzzle.

See all our 1000 piece jigsaws here: https://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/jigsaw-puzzles/jigsaws-1000-piece.html


Foul Play & Cabernet 1000 piece Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Grounds for Murder 1000 piece Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band 1000 piece Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle