Build your own puzzle box

Building your own puzzle box sounds fun, doesn’t it?  But wouldn’t you then already know the solution to open it?  Well it turns out not necessarily!

This range of self-assembled puzzle box kits is designed by Christophe Laronde. The kits are designed and manufactured at the NKD-Puzzle workshop in an old distillery in Lodeve (“La Distillerie”) in France. The kit is precisely laser-cut from top quality Poplar plywood that it’s a 100% eco-responsible.

We stock three of them. An easier one with just 5 moves to open which can be used as a coin bank. And two larger boxes.  They make great gifts for the model-makers in the family and once done they’ve got themselves a nice little safe to put things in. Once they’ve figured out how to open the puzzle box that is!

Recommended for about age 14+ the Silver City versions have 144 parts so you can see that the assembly of the box is quite a project in itself.

MiniPunk puzzle box assembly kit

NKD Silver City puzzle box assembly kit

Silver City Luxe Puzzle Box Assembly Kit

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