3D Crystal Puzzles for the whole family

Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles are so popular. These 3D Crystal jigsaw puzzles are great fun to work on and you can leave them assembled to display when they’re done.  And you can even buy a special stand with an LED light which just looks gorgeous when it shines up through the clear assembled figure.

The puzzles are not too difficult to put together. The hardest part is figuring out the order that you need to assemble the pieces in to build the shape. But there is an instruction sheet to help if you get really stuck.

They make a great gift with designs to suit all sorts of interests. Kids and adults alike love them.  Choose one that suits you or collect them all!

We’ve chosen 10 of our favourites and listed them all on one page to make selection easier for you.   https://www.mrpuzzle.com.au/3d-crystal-puzzle.html

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