More Vinco stock just arrived.

We’ve just had a new shipment land to restock lots of Václav Obšívac (Vinco to puzzlers) puzzles after Christmas sales.

There’s a new one – Hexator 6 piece hard interlocking puzzle.  The puzzle is modelled on the larger Xcruci8 puzzle.  But if the 8 piece puzzle  scares you a bit why not try to start out with the smaller Hexator.  Beware though. It’s still a 5+ on Vinco’s scale of 1 to 5.  So how does that work?

Try-Cycle 6 piece puzzle  with box  

The old favourite Cube AC has a nice new look in a solid box.  Great value for money in this puzzle. Very hard 5+/5.

And the Try-Cylce is back in stock after a couple of years too.

Currently we have 18 different puzzles from Vinco in stock to sell.