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60 Degree Axis cube


Quick Overview

This one’s a real shapeshifter. The shape transforms before your very eyes as you do a few quick turns. And now it’s too late to turn back!
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From the same designer as Square-1.  With the Axis cube the designer Aleh Hladzilin dissected the 3x3x3 cube and put the cutting planes at 60° angles. He’s actually rotated the cube 60 degrees along one axis and extended the cut lines out to the edges of the cube.

Still following? Once you start turning this one you won’t be following for long!

The internal mechanism is quite a modern design and it allows for very easy turning despite the tricky angles. The shape transformation is amazing and fast so that you can end up with a very spiky looking puzzle in no time at all.

This puzzle is sourced from Chengye Toy Factory and is pre lubricated and turns very nicely. 

Like all complex shape changing type cubes it's very important, and usually quite tricky, to get a feel for where the turn lines are and how to rotate the puzzle. Most important is to make sure everything is lined up before turning.

Colours: Black Background with vinyl stickers in classic Red, Blue, White, Green, flouro Yellow & flouro Orange sides.
Size: 54mm x 54mm x 54mm
Package: Clear round plastic box with replaceable lid.
No solution enclosed but there’s plenty of YouTube video tutorials on the web.  This is one you could check out to step you through the solution.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 7
Designer -

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