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The Bell sliding disc puzzle


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Swap the dark and light discs to opposite sides of the bell. A very nice adaptation of a n-ary sliding block puzzle.
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The puzzle is to swap the light discs and the dark discs to the opposite side of the bell.  To do this you will need to use the extra channel given in the center of the puzzle.  But the problem is that the channel is tapered and so discs cannot freely slide all the way to the bottom of the middle channel so how to manoeuvre them so you can swap the colours over?

The Bell is a Ternary Puzzle, a type of n-ary puzzle where the pieces can have three states as the puzzle is being done.  The puzzles resembles the famous Tower of Hanoi puzzle or the famous Panex puzzle invented by Toshio Akanuma.  They have discs that run along tracks instead of discs with holes that thread on to a pole.

The difficulty is determined by how many discs there are to swap. This one has 6 which makes it about the same level of difficulty as The Tower of Hanoi. Of course the Panex has 10 which would increase the difficulty level exponentially.  It is thought that the optimal solution of Panex needs more than 31000 moves. 

Size: 160mm x 160mm x 15mm. 
Solution included with English translation.

Made from laser cut veneered plywood with stainless steel screws and clear acrylic cover.
Difficulty Level 5 stars out of 7 on Jürgen's scale. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Siebenstein-Spiele
Difficulty Level 5
Designer Jurgen Reiche

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