Benno’s Answer Box is a marathon to get open

And Brian knows this is a marathon for sure because he’s opening every one of them before we send them out.  That’s 42 moves to open and another 42 moves to close again ready to sell.  And he’s found there’s no shortcuts! You must do all 42 every time.

The puzzles are manufactured in China by Zoyo for the Dutch designer Benno de Grote.

With the Answer Box we did pick up problems with the lid being too tight when we tested them so before listing them for sale Brian has done significant work on the puzzles to correct this. In the process he’s also strengthened and reinforced the locking mechanism by gluing and nailing another laser cut piece of wood inside. At Mr Puzzle we’ve also corrected errors in the original printed solution and replaced it with our own corrected version (we reckon that most people will need the solution to do this one!).

Puzzle Boxes where the object is to slide the side panels in a specific order to open the box are usually associated with Japan. But now there’s a Chinese Puzzle Box designed in The Netherlands, that includes a totally different and ingenious take on a similar strategy at a very affordable price.



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