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Puzzle boxes as we know them originated in the mountain area of Hakone in Japan where craftsmen passed the tradition of moasaic woodwork (called Yosegi) from Master to Apprentice. In 1870 master woodworker Ryugoro Okawa first created the Personal Secret Box.

Build your own puzzle box

Building your own puzzle box sounds fun, doesn’t it?  But wouldn’t you then already know the solution to open it?  Well it turns out not necessarily! This range of self-assembled puzzle box kits is designed by Christophe Laronde. The kits

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Caribbean Pirate puzzle box

Not hugely difficult but this puzzle box has a completely different solution to any other puzzle boxes on our site. You can hear the sounds of something rolling around inside the puzzle box but to reveal more would give too

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Benno’s Answer Box is a marathon to get open

And Brian knows this is a marathon for sure because he’s opening every one of them before we send them out.  That’s 42 moves to open and another 42 moves to close again ready to sell.  And he’s found there’s

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The Dice puzzle box

This is quite a different take on the tradition of sliding panel puzzle boxes we would normally associate with Japanese Puzzle Boxes. This box was invented and made very recently in China and we’ve not seen others like them available in

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Puzzles to hold gift cards or cash

If you’re not sure what puzzle to buy someone you can always give a gift card inside a puzzle. These smaller size wooden secret opening puzzle boxes with clear acrylic lid are just the right size to hold a gift

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A new shipment of 6 Sun Japanese puzzle boxes has arrived

They’re hard to get these days.  Only the most experienced and skilled Japanese craftsmen make these significant 6 Sun puzzle boxes.  We currently have  5 different 3 different levels and designs in stock but once sold it’s unlikely we’ll get the

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Trick puzzle box 003 from Siebenstein-Spiele has arrived!

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 in the series have been here for a while and now 003 has arrived.  This box 003 is much bigger, much harder, and much more involved than the other two. Is it a puzzle box? 

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Puzzle Pod Junior makes a great gift box

Everyone appreciates receiving a present of a gift card or cash, but given in an envelope, it’s not very imaginative. Puzzle Pod secret code puzzle box transforms the exchange into a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the

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Two new puzzle boxes from Siebenstein Spiele

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 have landed and 003 is on it’s way. Due late May 2017.  Designed as a set of three puzzle boxes this year by Jürgen Reiche. The mechanism to open this box is in plain view…. all you

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Japanese Craftsman made puzzle boxes

These days its getting more and more difficult to get stocks of fine quality Japanese puzzle boxes. The amazing woodcraft skill displayed by the craftsmen who make them is well know. But until you see it it’s hard to believe just how precise

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