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Build your own puzzle box

Building your own puzzle box sounds fun, doesn’t it?  But wouldn’t you then already know the solution to open it?  Well it turns out not necessarily! This range of self-assembled puzzle box kits is designed by Christophe Laronde. The kits

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Curious Creations. Are they puzzles?

Sometimes there are curious and puzzling creations that are not really puzzles but they are still puzzling that’s for sure! How do they work? How can that be? How puzzling is that? These items will definitely appeal to those with

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Flyte Light Levitating Bulb.

A very cool new addition to a puzzle room.  And it looks so good we bought a few more to sell. Not really a puzzle but pretty puzzling to setup.  And puzzling to understand how it’s powered too!  The bulb levitates

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