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Fidgitz shape-shifting twisty puzzle


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Fidgitz is an amazing new type of twisty puzzle from ThinkFun. Mix, Twist, Solve, Fidget. Make a 2 x 3 flat shape with blue on the bottom and white on the top.
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First released at the Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - Kyoto, Japan. August 2016.  Originally called Bram's Magic, the puzzle was invented by Bram Cohen and developed in conjunction with Oskar van Deventer to create an amazing new type of twisty puzzle.

The puzzle has now been produced by the well known puzzle and game company ThinkFun branded Fidgitz.  And you really won't be able to stop fidgeting with this one once you pick it up.

It is a set of six balls.  Each ball has grooves that connect to two other balls ultimately making a loop.
The set of six can shapeshift in curious ways from the flat 2x3 shape to make a circle, a triangle, a hexagon, and more.  This results in the scrambling of the colour pattern.
The object of the puzzle is to fold it back to a flat 2x3 shape with all white up and blue down. No  mean feat!   Somehow just one quick fold and it all seems so messed up you don't have a hope of getting it back again!
There are about five different shape-shifting moves, including the Astrolabacus move (a very rare twisty puzzle who's movement was patented by John Harris 1997) and a previously unknown rectangle-to-V move.

ThinkFun was established as a small family owned company over 30 years ago and has grown into a world's leading maker of logic puzzles. According to co-founder Bill Ritchie, the original mission statement for him and his wife Andrea Barthello when they started the company was "We find the most brilliant ideas from the wackiest engineers and mathematicians and translate them into toys and games". Back then STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) was not even heard of.  But since then the market for these ideas has developed, in no small part because of people like Bill and Andrea and companies like ThinkFun, making puzzles the appeal to an entire community of playful geniuses!

Size of box: 165mm x 140mm x 45mm.  The diameter of each ball is about 40mm.

No solution is included with the puzzle.  Just too many combinations.  But check out the You-tube put together by Oskar demonstrating the puzzle for some hints.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCmQeZELwqc

Additional Information

Manufacturer ThinkFun
Difficulty Level 8
Designer Bram Cohen

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