By The Book kids novel stacking puzzle

They say it’s for kids 8+
Well, us adults are over 8 years old aren’t we? Easy to get hooked on this one.  Such a nice presentation of a puzzling concept.

A novel stacking puzzle. In this original 3D puzzle, stack up to 12 differently shaped books – and one ever so cute clever cat – so that the upper shelf lies perfectly even across the top. Use the special level on the flower pot to make sure everything is aligned and perfectly balanced.  Master all 40 challenges and you’re on a level above the rest!

There are 40 different challenges you can take.  Beginner level uses just a few books to balance the shelves.  Once you master that you can progress to Intermediate, Advanced all the way to using the  whole 12 books on the Expert level Card Number 40.

By The Book Stacking Puzzle


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