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Candy Box packing cube


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Quickly tip all the pieces out of the box frame so you don't memorise their positions and then pack them all back in again.

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This brainteaser is for one player. Tip the pieces out of the box frame and then try to pack them back in again.

There are 5 wooden pieces made from balls glued together in different configurations. Not so many. So why does it seem they don't fit anymore?

Packing pieces made from spherical balls into a box is not such a new concept although the pieces in this puzzle are different to others we've seen. Back in 1960 Martin Gardner wrote an article in Scientific American challenging readers to calculate the maxiumum number of 1 inch balls, formed into different shaped pieces, that could be packed into a box with inside dimensions of 10 x 10 x 5 inches. Doesn't sound too hard to work out. But Gardner warned readers it was an exceedingly tricky problem. He theorised that there could be more than 500 different shaped pieces made and it was too complex to make a good physical puzzle.

Some physical brainteasers did eventually make it to the market. Usually they have a lot less pieces and pack into a cube shape similar to The Candy Box. Maybe the most famous is the Ball Room by Stewart Coffin which had only 4 pieces and was very hard. The Candy Box has 5 but still we think you'll find the geometry of sphere packing a good challenge.

The puzzle is made from Monkey Pod (also called Suar wood). It's often mistaken for teak or acacia but it's from a tree that grows in a plantation which makes it very environmentally friendly.
Size: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm
The puzzle is shrink wrapped with a solution inside.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dilemma
Difficulty Level 4
Designer No

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