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Caribbean Pirate Treasure Puzzle Box


Quick Overview

Aye! me Hearties. A great place to hide your stash of Pieces of Eight! The Pirates have drawn the treasure map on the lid of the puzzle box.  But we all know that pirates don't usually give up the secrets of where their treasure is buried. So what other tricks could there be to open the puzzle box? Will there be some treasure inside?

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Follow the Treasure Map on the front of the box. Now all ye Swashbuckling pirates need to do is work out how to open it to find the booty!

This puzzle box has a completely different solution to any other puzzle boxes on our site. You can hear the sounds of something rolling around inside the puzzle box but to reveal more we would have to make you walk the plank!

The puzzle might look a bit kiddsy but you’ll be surprised how different this solution is and how tricky it is to find.

It would be great fun at a party with a little something hidden inside for when they solve it. 

Just like Robert Louis Stevenson who sailed the Hispaniola to the Caribbean guided by a Treasure Map.  He hoped to find treasure after young Jim Hawkins found the map in a dead pirate's sea chest.  People who find a box with a treasure map.... who knows what they will encounter or what the map will lead to?!

Size - 143mm x 87mm x 48mm (space inside the box is: 125mm x 63mm x 25mm with a very small second compartment 53mm x 42mm x 12mm. To help you visualise - you can fit a full deck of playing cards inside and a bit more.)
The puzzle is made from laser-cut plywood. It comes in a solid window faced box with nice Treasure Map graphics and stories on the outside.  We have opened and checked every box and included our more detailed solution alongside the original words provided by the maker.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zoyo
Difficulty Level 6
Designer -

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