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Circled Star cube rotating brainteaser


Quick Overview

A great puzzle for adding more challenges; not just scramble and return to solid coloured sides. Try getting the points of the star in one colour and the centre and circular surrounds a second colour.
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Each side of the cube has a five sided star inside a circle. Each of the black lines indicates the possibility you can turn a layer of the cube along those lines. The sting in the tail is that you need to turn or spin the circle on each side, carefully lining up an axis of the star on each of four sides, to then allow a turn of that layer of the cube. And so do another move on the road to solving.

You must ensure everything is well lined up before each turn so the way this puzzle works does not really lend itself to speedsolving but it’s still a challenge and still fun to do.

The colours look very messed up very quickly with this one. But many puzzlers think that if you know how to solve a 2x2 you're well on the way to understanding solving this cube. Ha! Define “well on the way”!

The Circled Star cube is modelled on the Pentacle Cube which was invented by Yukang Wu in 2017. And Pentacle seems a very apt name for the puzzle.  Pentacle from the ancient Latin (circa 1500) being a type of magic object or talisman, usually disc-shaped, and inscribed with a pentagram being a 5 pointed star.

If you get really good at it you can always add the extra challenge of creating a checkered pattern where the points of each star & the corners are a particular colour and the centre of the star & the circular surrounding pieces are a second color. Try to do this on every side of the cube at the same time. We think you really will need all the stars aligned to solve this one.  And that’s both literally and figuratively speaking.

This puzzle is sourced from Chengye Toy Factory. It might be a budget version of the puzzle but it is pre lubricated and turns pretty well.  Getting the hang of turning the circle to line up the star to then turn one face of the cube takes a little getting used to but you'll soon get the hang of if.

Colours: Black Background with vinyl stickers in classic Red, Blue, White, Green, flouro Yellow & flouro Orange sides.
Size: 58mm x 58mm x 58mm
Package: Clear cubed plastic box with replaceable lid.
No solution enclosed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 7
Designer -

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