Cluebox – Escape Room in a box puzzle

The company that produces the box calls it a 60 minute escape room in a box. 60 minutes? Maybe if you’re particular talent is this type of code deciphering. I guess it’s not mine!

The puzzle is laser cut with many, many small working parts and it’s packaged in a funky steampunk design box. So it makes a great gift. There’s a detailed solution for the puzzle so it’s not too scary to give to most people. Whether most people could solve it would be a different matter.

Essentially you’re faced with a series of coded messages but there are mechanical puzzling elements too. Everything printed on the box or parts in the box means something towards solving a step in the puzzle that leads you to the next step.  At times you can find one piece of information and a whole sequence of steps falls into place. The puzzle is resettable so you puzzle over it again and again. A nice merging of mechanical puzzle and escape room elements. There is nothing based on randomness, only on logical decisions.

Cluebox – Escape Room in a Box