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Combo Bar Set - 4 Wire Puzzles & a Spirit / Wine Bottle puzzle


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Also available to buy separately.
Set yourself up for a great night of puzzling fun! Get the wine or spirit bottle puzzle and the bar stand of 4 different nail and cast puzzles and you'll really get the party started. 5 puzzles in all.... you'll really need a drink after doing this lot!

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Set yourself up for a great night of puzzling fun!  Get the wine or spirit bottle puzzle and the bar stand of 4 different nail and cast puzzles and you'll really get the party started.  5 puzzles in all.... you'll really need a drink after doing this lot!

Bar Stand with 4 Metal Puzzles

There's a lot of puzzling to go around over a beer when you set this stand up on your bar!

4 intriguing nail and cast metal brainteasers included on the one stand.  The stand includes a couple different nail puzzles made here by Mr Puzzle since way back in the 1990's and they're still as popular as ever. Only the Bent Again puzzle on the front can be bought separately now. We don't make other nail puzzles any more but have included the last few we have on this stand. The other puzzles are called SS Tunnel of Time and the MM puzzle. These are also available on our website separately. Even with just the Bent Again and SS puzzle, there's almost $20 value and you're getting 4 puzzles for $30.

For each puzzle the challenge is to separate the two parts and then join them back together again. Really popular and very intriguing.

For a bit of fun why not try joining one part from a puzzle with one part from another puzzle. We don't even know if that's possible but it could be fun trying!

Size:  The base of the stand is 120mm x 160mm and it is 140mm high.  
The package contains a printed solution for each puzzle on the stand.

The four puzzles are:

The linked nails on the front of the stand are our signature Bent Again puzzle made here at Mr Puzzle.  We sell it on its own for  $10.00!  The puzzle is to separate them and then see who can put them back together again.  Perhaps you've seen nail puzzles before?  But look for the extra bend we added to increase the difficulty of the puzzle. It's our own design even though others may have copied it since. This is an adaptation of the original nail puzzle that was patented in 1910 in the USA by Walter Jenkins, however, it was certainly known much earlier than that.

The inventor of a simpler form of this type of puzzle, first found in a market in Brazil in 1995, remains unknown. This inspired Mr Puzzle to create a much more complex puzzle, although it does not appear so difficult at first glance. Be very wary of the extra hooks!
This puzzle was designed by Brian in early 1998 and is EXCLUSIVE to Mr Puzzle Australia. It is covered by Australian Design No 138325.

The puzzle is to disentangle the two metal "M"s.To this day Brian @ Mr Puzzle still considers this to be one of the best disentanglement puzzles in his collection. Each time he revisits the puzzle after not having played for a long time is like solving it from scratch all over again.The MM puzzle has become one of the most recognisable puzzles around.  Probably because it's so much fun to fiddle with, even if you can't solve it!  It's been called many other names, The Devil's Claw, Twin Tangle, Hanayama Devil, The Double M puzzle, The Double W puzzle or The MW puzzle to name just a few.  It's so good that even Hanayama make a version of it now called Devil but we prefer to sell this larger version; better to handle and not so fiddly as some of the smaller ones.

SS Tunnel of Time
Historically this puzzle was called the Loop the Loop puzzle or the Devil's keys or even just the Double S puzzle. This one has the name "Tunnel of Time" cast into each piece.
No matter what it's called it's two symmetrical S shaped pieces will be tricky to take apart and put back together.

Spirit / Wine Bottle Puzzle

The wine bottle puzzle that really works! The wine is all locked up so they'll have to solve the puzzle so the wine can start to flow.  
Or why not lock up your bottle of Bundy so your mates can't steal it. If you hide the solution they'll have to solve the puzzle to get a drink.

Next time you're invited to a friend's home for a special occasion, bring along a bottle of wine locked in this wooden puzzler and watch the fun start. An ingenious gift idea to delight and entertain your host.  Watch your host's face turn from Burgundy red to pale Chardonnay as they struggle to free the bottle!

A great gift for any wine connoisseur or just something fun to get the party started!

Size & Packaging: Detailed solution enclosed including our help sheet on how to assemble the puzzle so you can set the puzzle up to give as a gift. Plain white box measures 115mm x 115mm x 185mm Note: Maximum bottle diameter 95mm which covers most bottles of wine. It also covers most  750ml spirit bottles such as Bundaberg Rum, Johnny Walker and Jim Beam. The holder can be adjusted for bottles of different heights. Bottle not included.

Here is a video of how to assemble the puzzle.  Not the solution. Its how to assemble with a bottle inside to give as a gift.

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Difficulty Level 5
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