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Escape! sliding block puzzle


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Lots of different challenges in one game. Slide the blocks around until the large block can escape to freedom outside the frame.
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The object is to be able to slide the blocks around inside the frame until the large block can Escape! towards freedom through the hole at the bottom of the puzzle.
BUT - You can only slide the blocks, you must NOT lift any blocks off the board.

There are another 10 different starting positions with 10 different ending positions given on the sheet that comes with the puzzle.  

This puzzle is a true classic. It's been around for nearly 100 years and is known from children in China, Japan, the UK, France and more but we can only speculate about its very first origins.

According to Professor Jiang Changying (1904-2006) this puzzle is known as Huarong Pass probably came to Shanghai in the early 1940s from northern Jiangsu province where it had been popular since at least the 1930's. People made their own puzzle pieces cut from paper and card before wooden versions of the puzzle were made. By 1959 it appeared in a Chinese magazine with a revolutionary name fitting the era, “Chase Away the Paper Tiger.” And by the 1980s Huarong Pass enthusiasts formed an association and organized competitions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Northeast China.

On the other side of the world J.H. Fleming of Lancashire, England, patented a sliding block puzzle very similar to Huarong Pass, with the same blocks, board, and escape route at the bottom. He called it Dad's Puzzle
Versions of the puzzle appeared in France, Japan, and other countries— each with its own theme and characters.
It had been known earlier in France as L'Ane Rouge and in Japan a puzzle called "Break Through the Enemy's Defences" was very popular with civilians to pass the time in air raid shelters.

The puzzle is even popular now with a widely known computer version said to be based on the ancient Polish children's game of manipulating blocks called klotski or klocki.

Play with some classic sliding block puzzle designs on Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzle Page.

Size: The wooden box is: 105mm x 125mm x 25mm
The puzzle comes with a wooden lid that slips over the puzzle to enclose the base and keep all the pieces. Good for travel and storage. 

Made from plantation grown Monkey Pod Wood in Thailand.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dilemma
Difficulty Level 8
Designer No

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