Escape Room Puzzles – New Titles for 2021!

TRAPPED! Escape Room puzzles transform any room into an escape room.

Three brand new titles for 2021!
Three interesting themes.
Three levels of difficulty. The Zoo (Gold-Easy) Mission to Mars (Silver-Medium)  Flight 927 (Red-Hard)
Full details of each story on our webpage >>>

These are not card games or board games. They are just like Escape Rooms. There are codes to crack and tests to pass.

There is a hint system that works well. A decoder lets you see progressive hints for your specific puzzle without spoiling future puzzles.
These puzzles are also nice because they are truly designed to be set up in a room. Players can move about the room and put the information together to solve the puzzle. So they have a great Escape Room feel.

The puzzles themselves are pretty varied. There’s a mix of maths, decipherment, pattern recognition and sequencing puzzles. None are very very difficult, but satisfying to solve.

trapped flight 927
Flight 927. HARDEST